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LoL, Teamfight Tactics, TFT: SaintVicious, Team Liquid, first recruit

LoL, Teamfight Tactics, TFT: SaintVicious, Team Liquid, first recruit

Between the hope of seeing the competition live on the new popular Riot Games game and the desire to rebuild his own brand, Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco joins Team Liquid as a professional Teamfight Tactics player.

LoL, Teamfight Tactics, TFT: SaintVicious, Team Liquid, first recruit

Team "The Avengers" Liquid, three-time LCS champion since 2018, has just welcomed Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco as the structure's first professional Teamfight Tactics player. Since his debut at Counter Logic Gaming in 2011, SaintVic' has become a close friend of the "daddy Steve" organization, of which he was both coach and substitute player for his academy team during the year 2017.

On its website, Team Liquid indicates in a press release that Saintvicious is now the ambassador of the Autochess within the American company. In fact, DiMarco officially cumulates the functions of content creator and professional player.

For Saintvicious, the transition to Teamfight Tactics is part of a return to basics, almost nostalgic: "In the Autochess community, everyone is very pleasant and there is not much toxicity. It's as if people just want to enjoy the game even if they are concerned about its competitive aspect. It's something that doesn't feel very often in the MOBA world."

According to Team Liquid, Saintvicious stands out today for the "pedagogy" of his streams and his knowledge, which makes him one of the "most talented" Teamfight Tactics' streamers. For fans - or for the older ones - Saintvicious regularly organizes live shows from its Twitch channel and publishes, just as regularly, new explanatory videos on its YouTube.

Teamfight Tactics Showdown - JoshOG snatches the final victory!

Hosted by Twitch Rivals and Riot Games, the first official Teamfight Tactics tournament is now over! JoshOG wins the final stage and pockets 8,375$.

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