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Blizzard co-founder Franck Pearse steps down

A few months after Mike Morhaime, another of Blizzard's most prominent members has decided to leave his position at Blizzard. Wishing to leave his place to a younger team, Frank Pearce sent a touching message to the community.

The shop on July 19

Find the list of daily items in the Fortnite shop on July 19: skins, weapons, picks, dances, emotes or gliders.

Role queue has been made official by Blizzard!

July 18, 2019 marks a new turning point in the history of Overwatch with the appearance of role queue, long requested by many players. This new evolution will change everything, whether you are more of a DPS, tank or support.

It's official: role lock mandatory for OWL Stage 4

Rumours about the 2-2-2 have proved to be correct, and role lock will be mandatory for Stage 4 of the Overwatch League. What is 2-2-2? Why is it good or bad news? Find the ins and outs in this article!

Team Solo Mid is recruiting a Teamfight Tactics roster!

Even though no competitive scene has been announced for Teamfight Tactics, Team SoloMid justs started to recruit players in order to build a serious roster. The organization — already implemented in a huge number of esport environments — would like to become one the pioneer of Riot's autobattler.

Get ready to attend Saviors of Uldum's pre-launch events!

For some expansion now, Blizzard allows players to enjoy the new cards a few days before the official release within a Fireside Gathering event. The Saviors of Uldum expansion won't differ from this rule, and cards set will also be available for previews on as yet unknown dates.

The shop on July 18

Find the list of daily items in the Fortnite shop on July 18: skins, weapons, picks, dances, emotes or gliders.

Hearthstone: the Card Backs Shops returns!

Blizzard shop offers new products through the "Card Back" collection. Do you want to buy some goodies to put either on your home or your office desk? Then you came to the right place. Find all the details about this collection in the article below.

Juventus become "Piemonte Calcio" in FIFA 20

Following the announcement of the exclusive partnership between eFootball PES 2020 and Juventus, EA Sports issued an official statement explaining the impact of this loss of license on the next instalment of FIFA.

PES 2020 hits hard by signing Juventus as exclusive partner

Konami has been unveiling its partner clubs one after the other for a few weeks now for the release of its next opus, eFootball PES 2020. This time, the Japanese publisher has struck a blow by exclusively winning Juventus' licence, which will therefore not appear in FIFA 20.

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