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TFT: 9.14 Patch introduces Twisted Fate & Ranked Mode!

All the latest patches that have been tested on the PBE are now live with the 9.14 Patch! Twisted Fate is joining the Board as the 51st Champion, Ranked Mode is now available, TONS OF (damage) balances and changes have been applied on champions, items, and traits. Discover all the details below!

The Overwatch League will be touring the world next year

As Stage 3 Playoffs have just ended, Blizzard has already announced how season 3 of the Overwatch League will be held in 2020. There will be many homestand matches from all over the world, and the league will be organized in a different way. Here you can find all the information in the article!

The Summer Games are back in Overwatch!

The 2019 Summer Games are available since July 16 on Overwatch! Skins, map and Lucio Ball, discover all the information about this seasonal event in this article.

All about the v9.40 patch

Here you can find the content of the 9.40 update on Fortnite Battle Royale PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and mobile versions. Discover new features, changes and corrections in the patch.

The shop on July 17

Find the list of daily items in the Fortnite shop on July 17: skins, weapons, picks, dances, emotes or gliders.

Shanghai Dragons: from zeroes to heroes!

The Grand Final of the penultimate stage of the season in the Overwatch League served up a bit of a surprise. San Francisco Shock were favourites to defend their Stage 2 title, but they didn't account for the bravery and fury of the Shanghai Dragons...

The shop on July 16

Find the list of daily items in the Fortnite shop on July 16: skins, weapons, picks, dances, emotes or gliders.

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