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Play Twisted Fate on the PBE!

He's here! Following last week's teaser, Twisted Fate has now joined the board as the 51st piece in Teamfight Tactics!

Reno, Finley, Elise & Brann - All heroes revealed!

Many clues lead to the League of Explorers for this second Hearthstone expansion of the Year of the Dragon. If Rise of Shadow brought 5 villains, it is easy to think that the 4 members of this league would be there to thwart them. But with which classes in the game?

It's official: Fortnite x Stranger Things is a thing!

Are you a fan of Fortnite and its famous llama? Are you also a fan of Eleven and her Eggo waffles? Epic Games just have granted your wishes, thanks to a new tie-in event that would transport players of the battle royale game into the Upside Down.

Join the official Wizards Unite community!

Following the worldwide rollout of Wizards Unite, Niantic have announced the creation of an official forum for its wizarding community.

What rewards will the Apex Legends Battle Charge give you?

With the launch of Season 2 and its "Battle Charge", Apex Legends has implemented a new Battle Pass. The basic version is available for 950 Apex Coins, while the Bundle Battle Pass will cost you 2,800 Apex Coins.

Get ready to climb the ladder of Ranked Leagues in Apex Legends!

Season 2 of Apex Legends is fast approaching, and one major change is the appearance of a new mode: Ranked Leagues. Only the best players in Respawn's Battle Royale will hope to reach the very top. Here's everything you need to know before you dive into the adventure!

Do you like challenges? Now Apex Legends provides you with some daily

Often criticized for the difficulty of its first Battle Pass, Apex Legends listened to the players by setting up challenges that will be daily and weekly in order to increase the Battle Pass levels more easily. Find out how it will work in this article.

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