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LoL: Janna Build Guide, Support, S10

LoL: Janna Build Guide, Support, S10

How to play Janna as a Support in League of Legends. Discover our tips for playing the Air Avatar, which costs 1350 Blue Essences.

LoL: Janna Build Guide, Support, S10


League of Legends


Janna is a support, a champion able to protect or strengthen her allies, but also to block enemy attacks. To help you there, two main objects will make your heals/ shields more effective.

Ardent Censer

The Ardent Censer will be more interesting in an aggressive approach with your ADC, as you can give it a significant boost in attack speed and bonus magic damage.


A much safer choice, The Redemption will remain a safe value with very comfortable statistics for your survival and your team.

How to play Janna

Janna has a spell kit that allows you to play offensively in the first levels. Nevertheless, her main role will be to protect her allies.

  • Level 1: Choose W - Zephyr to directly give you a harassment tool, use this skill when the enemy ADC approaches to execute a henchman.
  • Level 2: Take your E - Eye of the Storm to minimize the damage you or your ADC will suffer. Be vigilant to a possible gank of the enemy jungler, put down a beacon of vision according to the positioning of the henchmen on your lane.

You will then move on the Q - Howling Gale which will serve you as much to defuse a dangerous situation as to catch an enemy who would try to flee.

Once the quest for the Frostfang is over, replace your relic with the Oracle Lens, use it to anticipate the appearance of the next objectives and install the necessary vision.

Don't hesitate to shift to another lane or assist your jungler if you still have a lot of VPs left after returning to the base of your ADC.

In teamfight, stay back, try to keep your team alive as long as possible, hinder your opponents as much as possible, and if your team needs to retreat, use R - Monsoon to separate and disengage the fight.


Tahm Kench

Tips & Tricks

  • Use E - Eye of the Storm on the turrets to protect them and increase their damage.
  • When you want to poke the opponent, launch your basic attack and then apply your shield before the projectile hits its target. In this way, you benefit from the asset and a shield that is always effective. Perfect to inflict a second basic attack and retreat without taking any damage.
  • You can use your ultimate offensively to isolate a carry from its support and thus ensure a kill, especially in 2v2.
  • It's important to have an excellent reading of the game, to anticipate what the enemy is going to do otherwise you will find yourself having to use your spells in disaster.


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