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LoL: Draven Build Guide, ADC, S10

LoL: Draven Build Guide, ADC, S10

How to play Draven as an ADC in League of Legends. Discover our tips for playing the Glorious Executioner, which costs 6300 Blue Essences.

LoL: Draven Build Guide, ADC, S10


League of Legends


Draven is an AD carry with massive damage. He excels throughout the game when it comes to committing aggression. He is oriented towards attack speed and critical objects.

Draven has huge base damage - Bloodthirster is an excellent first item with extra damage and life stealing. The Stormrazor, Rapid Firecannon gives Draven additional range and burst potential while giving him a slowdown on his enhanced self-attack, leaving his prey no chance.

How to play Draven

Draven has very good base damage, especially thanks to his spells. Snowball champion per excellence, you must take the ascendancy as soon as possible to become unstoppable.

  • Level 1: Choose Q - Spinning Axe to help you farm while being able to do great damage to your opponents.
  • Level 2: Don't hesitate to take the lead if you pass level 2 before your opponents, especially with the help of a support to engage. Take W - Blood Rush to get the boost in movement and attack speed. You will then be able to attempt attacks on the opposing duo.

If you find yourself in a position of danger when the jungler arrives, don't hesitate to use E - Stand Aside to push him back and slow him down. Then take advantage of this short opportunity to flee with W - Blood Rush. Note that E - Stand Aside allows to cancel the jump of an opponent, countering his attempt of initiation.

Don't forget to farm with your spinning axes, these can also be useful to punish the opponent if he tries to get too close. Don't hesitate to play aggressively with Draven in the lane phase, your passive offering you one of the best snowball of the game, each elimination will bring you a lot of gold.

In teamfight, the secret to maximizing Draven's damage lies above all in the management of Q - Spinning Axe. Each axe you catch up with resets the cooldown of your W - Blood Rush. This makes it easier for you to kite while doing a lot more damage. It is necessary to know how to make the difference when you play Draven, do not expose yourself too much to danger by catching your axes, while playing sometimes very aggressively by targeting the opponent's backline to try to destroy their adc or midlaner.

Your ultimate R - Whirling Death is as much a very good finisher thanks to its global range, as a tool to engage in view of its zone damage. Keep in mind, however, that your axes can be blocked by the frontline, as they come back to you once an opposing champion has been hit.



Tips & Tricks

  • You can catch the opposing Draven's axes.
  • Catching an axe resets the recovery time of W - Blood Rush, try to keep it activated at all times to maximize damage and ease your mobility.
  • Manage your placement when you launch R - Whirling Death. When returning blades you can surprise your opponent by moving. You can also use Flash to change the trajectory of the blades.
  • E - Stand Aside allows you to slow down but also to interrupt your opponent's channels, for example Katarina's ultimate.

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