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Hearthstone: Get ready for the Year of the Phoenix!

Year of the Phoenix
Hearthstone: Get ready for the Year of the Phoenix!

The Year of the Phoenix will succeed the Year of the Dragon in a few weeks in Hearthstone. Check out all the new features that are coming, such as the new expansion, the new class, the complete redesign of the ranked ladder and more!

The Year of the Dragon is coming to an end, so pay tribute to the Year of the Phoenix, in which Hearthstone will be reborn and come back even more powerful!

Its ashes will only serve as a name for the first expansion of 2020: Ashes of Outland.

For the first time in the history of the game, a new class is coming soon: the Demon Hunter.

Do you feel lost with all of this news? Here's a summary of all the new features you need to know to master absolutely everything.

The first expansion of 2020: Ashes of Outland

Discover the new expansion: Ashes of Outland

The first expansion of the Year of the Phoenix has been announced and is called Ashes of Outland. It will bring a new and tenth class, the Demon Hunter, as well as new keywords and card types.

The upcoming expansions

If we know the name of the first one, and most of its specifics, Blizzard has only unveiled the roadmap of what will happen in the calendar year 2020.


The Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame will be well filled after the next arrival since no less than 5 Neutral cards and 6 Priest cards are rotating out.

Cards sent to the Hall of Fame with the Year of the Phoenix

With the Year of the Phoenix, it's time to say goodbye to a lot of different cards such as Leeroy Jenkins!

Ladder, anti-duplicate system and other news

  • Ladder overhaul effective in a few weeks: new ranks from Iron to Legend
  • Anti-doubling system reserved for legendary cards extended to rare and epic cards
  • Improved end-of-season rewards
  • Exclusive card back for each season to be won immediately
The anti-duplication system is extended to common, rare, and epic cards

With the anti-duplication system, you couldn't get a second copy of a legendary card. Starting with the next expansion, this protection will be extended to all rarities, making it easier for you to get all the cards in an expansion!

Patch 17.0 brings new Ladder system and new ranks

The Year of the Phoenix is coming and with it all its card announcements and the new class. On the sidelines of all this, Blizzard has announced plans to completely overhaul Hearthstone's rank system, which has been the same since the game's initial release.

Standard Rotation

The rotation of three expansions (Witchwood, Boomsday Project, Rastakhan's Rumble) will be effective as of April 7.

That's already a lot to take in, and Blizzard adds that we should see more new features coming in the Year of the Phoenix, including a new Battlegrounds game mode. New game modes? Single-player modes with a new design? It's still too early to know, but this year promises to be exceptional in Hearthstone!

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