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Valorant: First look of Haven with an interactive map by

Valorant: First look of Haven with an interactive map by
0 offers a first improved version of Haven based on the in-game minimap. This map offers gives players a chance to familiarize themselves with it before they can even play Valorant.

Valorant: First look of Haven with an interactive map by

You can start your training in Valorant, or at least start learning the names of Haven positions, one of the two in-game maps. — well known to League of Legends players — offers players an "interactive map". The interaction is certainly limited to zooming, but it allows a much more detailed analysis than just minimap gameplay images. also offers a first iteration of position names that doesn't seem to be based on any real information. In any case, these names seem perfectly logical and should largely stick to the names later use by the community. With the exception of a few positions, if you close your eyes, you could easily think you're on another FPS.


Access the interactive map

What can be noted

The first thing that should jump out at you is that Haven offers three sites: A, B, and C.

Site C is accessible by a Long on the outside of the map, and a Connector from the mid. If the mid is submerged, the defenders on C could even be cut off from any retreat if Alley falls to the attackers. Back from C will be long, and transiting to A will be either long or dangerous. Defenders on C will really only have to cover the Long, since they will be able to logically lean on a pivot of B not to let the Connector get caught without scratching a kill or some damage.

Site B is really the heart of the map. The analysis may sound simplistic, said like that since it's located in the center. It will have a key role in controlling the map for the attackers. B will be able to fall mainly by the Ramp and its side, the Alley. If B falls in the hands of the attackers, they can cut off the retreat from C, and only have to protect themselves from what could happen from A — their back being naturally protected for several tens of seconds since the path from A to B is very long on the attacker's side.

Site A could also fall from two accesses being side by side. The defenders will have only one angle to cover, but with little protection and few corners to play picks. Taking the A where you can get past the back of the defence towards Yellow will probably be a good way to overwhelm B.

More generally, for the attackers, the rotations from or to A will be long, and the rotations from C to mid or to B could be just as long without the grip of the Connector. On Haven, the mid will logically be the lock to be opened to unlock the whole map with most certainly big duels of shifts from the Window to the B site.

On the defender side, the rotations will be simpler as long as you don't get cornered. It will be necessary to be solid on its positions and to have quickly support from the other sites in case of massive incursion in the defenses. Losing the Alley could be a real problem, leaving B to the forwards will isolate the defences and A's takeover seems difficult.

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