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Valorant, Overwatch... Teabagging could be banned and punished!

Valorant, Overwatch... Teabagging could be banned and punished!

Who has never teabagged an enemy who was on the ground after inflicting a few bullets on him, I repeat, who has never done that? True culture in the middle of the video game and in particular in the FPS, it could be that this practice will soon be prohibited everywhere...

For years now, there have been several ways to taunt, to make fun of our enemies when we manage to kill them, or at least put them down. If the developers devote themselves to providing players with several emotes in order to be able to express themselves, a large part of them like to do a good old teabagg for the sole purpose of infuriating the opponent.

Yes, but here it is, according to several testimonies on the social network Twitter, the practice of teabagg is increasingly frowned upon and would or should soon be prohibited in certain games , including that of Riot, namely VALORANT.

Teabagg seen as sexual assault

First of all, what is teabagg? To put it simply, it is a repeated movement through which the player who performs it has fun making a rapid movement from bottom to top on the enemy who is on the ground. It is neither more nor less than making fun of the other, showing a certain domination and humiliation.

Now that you know what teabagg is, why is it debated today in the gaming world? Well according to some testimonies on social networks, it would now be perceived as a real sexual assault , and it is therefore increasingly frowned upon, especially when it is the players who are the victims.

During the Game Changers organized by Galorants , a community dedicated to women and non-binaries, and co-organized with the VCT, the debate on Teabagging was debated more than ever after a team, StimKittens, tried to make disqualifying another team, SuprisE, for using teabagging (via ggrecon ).

This caused a lot of talk during the competition, and four-time champion Melanie "meL" Capone didn't hesitate to speak up, stating that " if you can't handle a little BM, don't compete ". . Afterwards, she added that " teabagging is the most sanitized, most basic form of BM, and I'm shocked that it still shocks people 20 years after it was created. "

It's no secret, but it is sometimes very difficult, even today, to be a woman in the gaming world, and the question of banning teabagging can therefore be quite legitimate when we know everything they go through during the games. Between insults, misogynistic remarks or sexual allusions, the teabagg would therefore no longer be welcome.

For a few hours now, information, or at least a rumor, has announced on social networks that Riot should ban this practice, players then risking an exclusion for a day or even a week. We have to take this information with a grain of salt and wait for an official statement from the developers.

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