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Valorant: Soon a game mode to bully your little brother?

Valorant: Soon a game mode to bully your little brother?

Valorant continues on its way and even if the game remains a bit apart in the universe of Riot Games (League of Legends), the FPS is not left out. A new game mode, long requested by the community, may soon be added.

Valorant: Soon a game mode to bully your little brother?

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Since its release, Valorant has found its audience, whether among amateur players or professional players... Many people have decided to retrain after their time on CS:GO, Overwatch or Fortnite.

But if the majority of players dose ranked games (Ranked) or normal games (classic), Riot Games has also thought of diversifying its offer to allow the community to play alternative modes. We can thus cite the Spike Rush which allows you to play quickly or the Escalation mode which forces the players to play more or less all the weapons of the game. According to a leak, a new game mode could soon see the light of day... The latter is regularly claimed and we imagine that his arrival will make people happy.

A game mode to settle your account with your little brother

It is the Twitter account Valorleaks which is at the origin of the rumor. According to the latter, a pure 1v1 game mode would be “in development”. There is no official name yet to talk about this game mode and we don't know exactly how the games will go... Impossible to predict if the players will have to select the same agent and if they will have to play with the same weapons. But the temporary name, " 1v1 " does not really leave any doubt about the substance. There would be between 10 and 13 rounds maximum (first to arrive at 6 or 7 rounds).

It's only a guess, but if the goal is to play a pure 1v1 where skill and aim speak, we imagine that the mode will take over the mechanics of a deathmatch . The notions of Spike and defusing do not seem particularly compatible with this game mode in development.

Who are the best agents in 1v1?


The answer seems pretty obvious: on paper, the Agents in 1v1 should be the Duelists . It must be said that having a Flash like Phenix or Reyna helps a lot to win your duels... Impossible to click on heads if you're blinded. On another note, explosive agents that have a lot of mobility like Jett and Neon also have arguments. They can surprise and totally overflow vis-à-vis, especially if the latter has questionable reflexes.

The Sentinels , on the other hand, are the agents that seem the least suited to shine in 1v1... They are perfect for defending and holding positions, but if they have to move to pick up their opponents, agents like Sage or Killjoy do not don't have many weapons at their disposal.

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