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Valorant: Pearl is the new map for you to discover

Valorant: Pearl is the new map for you to discover

Valorant continues to develop and today we had the right to discover, explore and dissect the new map. And as usual, the developers worked hard to offer quality graphics but also new mechanics.

Photo: Riot Games

The developers described Pearl as a relatively simple map, given that there are no special movement mechanics (teleporter, zip line, automatic door, elevator...). With three lanes, one short in the middle and two long on the sides, the skill will be in the spotlight. It's up to you to hold your lines, click heads and check your angles.

Because after quickly exploring this underwater map, one thing struck us: the presence of many small nooks . The tracks may look deceptively clear, but there are actually ledges, crates, buildings, and double doors. So many decorative elements that can be sources of danger. As always, watch out for campers who like to play with a shotgun. For those who want to play on this new map, you will have to wait until June 22 , the date of its official release.

Pearl, a story to explore


Riot Games likes to create lore around its games and Pearl allows developers to tell a story. This is Valorant's first underwater map and players will have the opportunity to evolve in an aquatic city, which has a false air of Atlantis . By exploring the environment a little, we can thus come across a sort of Greek amphitheater or the statutes of agents reminiscent of the heroes of Antiquity. But beware, the city is not only turned towards the past. The whole map seems to belong to a sealed bubble and there is also another very modern element: an underwater train line.

For those who like the detail, also know that a Portuguese artist created frescoes and murals and that the menu is accompanied by a fado, a traditional Portuguese music. Several coastal countries were weighed in the balance, but a consensus quickly emerged. If the design is inspired by a real country, however, know that in the Valorant universe Pearl is located on the " Omega Earth ". To date, it is the only one in this case.

No special mechanics, but still a lot of strategy?


Each card often introduces a somewhat special mechanic. On Fracture, the zip line made a lot of noise. On Bind, the teleporters allow you to make a lot of rotations in all directions. On Ascent, the sliding doors are also sobering. But for once, Pearl is betting on simplicity. There is no huge madness to point out. This desire is fully assumed by the developers, who wanted to bet this time on a slightly more classic card.

Be careful though, if in appearance the map does not seem particularly complicated to handle, there will still be a lot of strategy . The mid grip promises to be very complicated with strong positions to control this key area from a distance. The mid being relatively small, the teams will be able to take duels very quickly, at their own risk. Overall, we expect to see the majority of players waiting passively so as not to be punished unnecessarily. The fight should rather be played on the two side lanes, long and rather clear. Be careful not to peak too much, since sniper players may well enjoy these outlines. Hot, several pro players predicted that Omen would surely excel on this map.

A first official teaser for the next champion

While Bel'Veth has just landed in the Summoner's Rift, Riot Games is already starting the teasing of its future League of Legends champion. The famous short-range ADC presented as a water Yasuo should arrive much sooner than expected.

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