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LoL: A first official teaser for the next champion

LoL: A first official teaser for the next champion

While Bel'Veth has just landed in the Summoner's Rift, Riot Games is already starting the teasing of its future League of Legends champion. The famous short-range ADC presented as a water Yasuo should arrive much sooner than expected.

It's been just over a week since Bel'Veth, Empress of the Void, landed in League of Legends. If we thought that Riot Games was going to rest before announcing its next champion, it has nothing to do with it. Tonight, the studio began teasing its future character, the infamous short-range ADC presented as a water Yasuo.

Nilah or not?

Over the past few days, leaks have escalated around the mysterious champion — which may have prompted Riot Games to speed things up. For the moment, we cannot say that it is indeed Nilah. Leakers have notably revealed its appearance – which you can see below – but also its abilities.

League of Legends

The short teaser offered by Riot Games doesn't offer us much besides its caption which reads: "The Waters of Life flow forever. What story will they tell? Tomorrow, from their distant shores? . A misty dock can be seen on which a silhouette stands out in the distance. The only point that stands out is a blue light that emanates from the strange character. We can therefore assume that this famous light emanates from the character's weapon, as can be seen on the illustration above.

The notion of mist is also interesting because it was also mentioned in the story that teased the champion: "The colorful stranger laughs as a strange mist enters the room. After the mist fades seconds later, the ten Noxians lay on the ground, while there was no trace of the stranger."

The good news is that we should have answers very quickly since the official tweet from Riot Games says the word tomorrow, so we can assume that the new champion will be officially presented on Friday!

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