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Valorant: After Shroud, Sentinels continues its transfer window!

Valorant: After Shroud, Sentinels continues its transfer window!

The Copenhagen Masters are currently taking place on Valorant and a brand team is missing... Sentinels had a lot of talk about it in 2021, but this year, the results are much less flamboyant. To raise the bar, leaders are active in the market.

Valorant: After Shroud, Sentinels continues its transfer window!

Photo: shroud

Last year, Sentinels was the team to beat in Valorant. But in 2022, the results are clearly not there. The structure missed the 2 Masters of the year (Reykjavik and Copenhagen) and barring an unexpected miracle, it should not be in the Champions tournament (equivalent to the Worlds). Mathematically, it's still possible given that the team got a hard-fought ticket to the NA Last Chance Tournament. But the path looks tough...

To achieve a miracle run, the leaders decided to make bets. Two new players have arrived: the shroud dinosaur who resumes competitive practice and Zellsis .

Shroud and Zellsis, masterclass or disasterclass?

Sentinels ' situation is not far from hopeless. With 45 home runs , the team secured the 10th and final spot for the Last Chance Tournament. While there is only one ticket to win to see the Champions tournament, other formations seem to leave with a lot in advance (The Guard, FaZe Clan, Cloud9...). But by recruiting two new elements, the leaders hope to reshuffle the cards and establish a new dynamic... especially since the two recruits are not just anyone!

shroud is a former CS:GO professional who was active between 2013 and 2017. At Cloud9, he managed to win quite a few tournaments. But he also rose to prominence by retiring from competition and becoming a hugely popular content creator. It was as a streamer that he made his transition to Valorant. 5 later, however, he will once again taste the adrenaline of competition. Many thought it was a joke, but shroud is really going to play the Last Chance Tournament with Sentinels . This is also the case with Zellsis . This Version1 veteran had an average year that was barely better than that of Sentinels. It will try to relaunch itself by finishing the year in style.

Sentinels, a 7-player roster?

With these arrivals, we will also have to do some cleaning. For the moment, no one has left the ship yet and with the two recruits, the roster currently has 7 players!

  • ShahZaM
  • Sick
  • dapr
  • TenZ
  • Kanpeki
  • shroud
  • Zellsis

    We imagine that shroud and Zellsis were recruited to play. Captain ShahZam and star player TenZ seem untouchable. On the other hand, SicK , dapr and Kanpeki surely have something to worry about... In this group of 7, we could even add zombies . Listed as inactive since April, it is still tied to Sentinels. Even if it means taking risks and redistributing the cards, the team could call on him.

Huni's career in danger due to injuries!

Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon hasn't always won during his career, but everywhere he went, he still managed to win the hearts of fans. Unfortunately, her career is now in danger and she could stop dead...due to recurring injuries.

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