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Valorant Patch 3.1: Agents Tier List

Valorant Patch 3.1: Agents Tier List

Episode 3, Act 1 introduced many significant changes to Valorant. That's why we have decided to create a tier list of the most powerful and useful Agents.

Valorant Patch 3.1: Agents Tier List

Valorant recently had its first anniversary. During this year, every Agent has experienced several changes. While your own skills are what will probably make the difference in a match, it's also true that knowing what characters are doing well can be useful.

That's why we have decided to create an Agent tier list that shows you which are Valorant's current strongest and weakest characters from the roster.

Tier S


At first, Astra was supposed to be a game-changer regarding controllers. Sadly, that wasn't the case and she still has a long way to become the great character she could be. Nonetheless, her spacing abilities and the fact that she wasn't nerfed at all during patch 3.0 brought her to the top of this Tier List.


The archer of Valorant has been one of the best characters since the game's original releases and he continues to be so. Sova can reveal the position of the enemies with his special arrows for his allies, which gives him significant control power. His ultimate, "Hunter's Fury", is incredibly powerful and used for both damage and detecting enemies.


Even though Sage has suffered massive nerfs for quite a while (her abilities cooldown have been increased and they are more expensive than before), she still is a critical member of any team. Valorant's original healer is still the only one that can revive teammates. Plus, her "Barrier Orb" is useful for controlling sites.


Guess what: the most recent addition to the roster is also one of the best. KAY/O might get some strong nerfs in the future, but until that happens, you should be using it. KAY/O has two abilities, including its ultimate, that can suppress enemies. Plus, his grenade "Frag/ment" has a lot of damage.


Jett is perhaps Valorant's fastest Agent. At the same time, she's one of the most difficult characters to use. Her dashing and jumping skills make her unique and allow her for great entries and escapes. Her ultimate, "Blade Storm", is still very powerful and can always kill at least one enemy with some practice. Jett isn't recommended for newcomers, but training with her will make you a great player.

Tier A


Surprise! A character that has always been at the bottom of every tier list is now at a good spot. The thing is, Viper has received some interesting buffs that make her abilities useful for the first time. Her "Toxic Screen" and other poisonous skills now do some proper damage and have more utility during battles.


The best sentinel in the game, period. Killjoy has a wide range of abilities that allow her to control sites like no other Agent. Her turret and her traps provide a good amount of defensive and offensive options that make her special. Furthermore, her ultimate is great at winning time when planting or defending a planted bomb.


Once at the top of the list, Omen has moved a couple of places down. He's not the best controller in the game anymore, but Omen is still useful. His smokes and teletransportation abilities give him some advantages over the rest of this list.


Phoenix continues to be one of the most balanced Agents. He can protect himself with his "Blaze" ability, which creates a wall of fire that also heals him, or he can be more offensive with his flashes ("Curveball"). Nonetheless, we could argue that being balanced has a downside, which is being good for any situation but not great for any.

Tier B


Another case of an Agent who has seen better days. Reyna was one of the strongest duelists in Valorant, with her abilities to heal herself completely and become invisible. She still has these skills, but now she can use them less than half the times that she used to. In any way, Reyna is still a competent and independent character.


Version 3.0 has nerfed the explosive Raze in many aspects, but she continues to be a great agent at dealing damage. Her small robot "Boom bot" is great for entries and enemy detection, while her "Blast Packs" allow her to jump around the map. "Showstopper", her ultimate, will discount enemies with only a little of aiming.


Valorant's "Vigilante" hasn't stopped being great at controlling areas and preventing the rivals from entering the sites. Cypher might not be very good when thinking of offensive options, but he's one of the best at defending. His ultimate allows him and his teammates to know where the enemies are, so it's an incredibly useful tool for everyone.


A great team-player, a poor independent Agent. Skye is the only character that can heal more than one teammate at once. Her ultimate, "Seekers", and her Tasmanian tiger are great for revealing enemies' position. In a way, she's the "queen" of utility. However, she doesn't have any good options for when she's left alone, apart from her flashes who have been nerfed.


One of the safest Agents, Breach can do a lot of stuff without giving away his position or facing any danger. He can damage and daze enemies behind walls with "Aftershock", "Fault Line" and even his ultimate, "Rolling Thunder". If Breach isn't higher on this list it's because he has received some significant nerfs that made his abilities weaker.

Tier C


Don't get us wrong. Brimstone is a fine Agent, with useful opening options and defensive utilities. His smokes, even nerfed as they are, help in every round than they are used. However, Brimstone's main problem is that he is currently no better than the other controllers, which makes him a hard choice. With some luck and buffs, he might climb the list once again.


A disappointment since his release, Yoru is the worst Valorant Agent at the latest version. Is he a bad character? Not really, and his ultimate can be used for locating enemies fast, but the rest of his skills require a level of practice that feels off when other Agents can do better tricks more easily. Time will tell if Yoru can become a better character.

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