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The early patch notes for Valorant Episode 3 are now available

The early patch notes for Valorant Episode 3 are now available

According to Dexerto, the next Episode of Valorant will bring important changes to the game. From economy rearrangements to relevant modifications to different agents.

The early patch notes for Valorant Episode 3 are now available

The competitive FPS from Riot Games is about to change dramatically. Valorant's Episode 3, Act 1 is dropping tomorrow. Before that, and thanks to Dexerto's early access, we can give you a preview of the most important changes coming to the game. But beware, because some of these changes are going to be wild.

To begin with, the new robotic agent called KAY/O is making its debut this new season. KAY/O can suppress, blind and cause explosive damage to enemies —you can read the full abilities description here. This character seems to be a pretty interesting addition thanks, primarily, to its Ultimate: the ability to suppress anyone who is near you can decide the outcome of the round pretty quickly. Also, it’s currently the only character that can be revived by players who aren’t Sage —as long as KAY/O used its Ultimate during that round. 

Then, weapons and even agent's abilities are receiving price changes. Sure, this isn’t the first time that this has happened, but there is a drastic change of economic planning going on now. Most of the gear will be 100-200 credits cheaper, and now players will need to spend more credits for the abilities of their agents (you can see these changes in detail below). Deciding what to buy and even if you should buy anything each round will require a new mindset.

Regarding characters modifications, many will be nerfed, such as Jett whose abilities (Cloudburst, Updraft and Blade Storm) are now more expensive. Also, Breach and Skye are receiving an important nerf: their flashes have their price increased and the charges reduced. On the other hand, Killjoy didn't suffer any changes.

Below are the rest of the confirmed changes for every agent and weapon:


Astral Stars

  • Decreased price from 200 >>> 150.
  • Astra now only starts with one free star per round.



  • Increased price from 100 >>> 200.
  • Now deals three bursts of 60 damage, instead of one large burst.


  • Increased price from 200 >>> 250.
  • Reduced charges from 3 >>> 2.



  • Increased price from 200 >>> 250.


Neural Theft

  • Reduced points from 7 >>> 6.



  • Increased price from 100 >>> 200.


  • Increased price from 100 >>> 150.


  • Tailwind no longer breaks Cypher tripwires.

Blade Storm

  • Increased points from 6 >>> 7.


Shrouded Step

  • Increased price from 100 >>> 150.


  • Decreased price from 400 >>> 300.

Dark Cover

  • Added 100 Creds cost, no free smoke.
  • Smokes now regenerate after 40 seconds.



  • Increased price from 100 >>> 150.



  • Increased price from 200 >>> 250.



  • Increased price from 200 >>> 400.


  • Increased points from 7 >>> 8.


Slow Orb

  • Increased price from 100 >>> 200.


  • Increased points from 7 >>> 8.



  • Decreased price from 250 >>> 200.

Guiding Light

  • Increased price from 100 >>> 150.
  • Decreased charges from 3 >>> 2.
  • Now regenerates after 40 seconds.


Owl Drone

  • Increased price from 300 >>> 400.

Shock Bolt

  • Increased price from 100 >>> 150

Hunter’s Fury

  • Increased points from 7 >>> 8


Snake Bite

  • Increased price from 100 >>> 200.



  • Increased price from 200 >>> 250.


  • Decreased price from 1,600 >>> 1,500.


  • Decreased price from 900 >>> 850.


  • Decreased price from 2,100 >>> 2,050.


  • Decreased price from 500 >>> 450.


  • Decreased price from 2,400 >>> 2,250.


  • Increased price from 1,600 >>> 1,850.


  • Decreased price from 1,000 >>> 950.


  • Decreased price from 5,000 >>> 4,700.


  • Decreased price from 200 >>> 150.


  • Decreased price from 1,100 >>> 950.

KAY/O Reveal Trailer is live for the new VALORANT Agent

The trailer shows the new Agent fighting in gameplay, revealing KAY/O's abilities before the robot arrives in VALORANT in Episode 3.

VALORANT: New Agent abilities revealed for KAY/O

KAY/O will introduce a suppression mechanic to VALORANT, which will prevent players from using abilities and instead rely purely on their guns and accuracy. The new robot Agent also has a downed ability allowing allies to revive them, similar to what we see Battle Royale games.


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