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How to play Lillia Jungle in S10: build, runes and matchups

How to play Lillia Jungle in S10: build, runes and matchups

Lillia is the 149th champion to join League of Legends. Check out our guide including builds, runes and tips to play the Bashful Bloom as a Jungler in Season 10!

How to play Lillia Jungle in S10: build, runes and matchups

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Early game

  • Hunter's Talisman grants you health and mana regeneration, making your clear easier. Feel free to swap for the Machete's if you intend to clear solo camps to gank super early.


Just like all League champions, you'll be selecting your boots out of three options:

  • If the opponents' team is mainly composed of AP champions or has a lot of hard CC, Mercury's Treads are the best solution
  • If you're struggling against an AD champion in lane (which isn't the case here) or if the opponents' team is composed of AD champions relying on AA to do damage, then Ninja Tabi is the best solution.
  • If you're opting for a more aggressive approach, then you can either pick Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Sorcerer Shoes.

Core items

  • Stalker's Blade: Rune Echoes grants you additional damage burst and improves your ability to kill monsters in the jungle.
  • Liandry's Torment is the most effective item on Lillia. The damage over time coupled with her passive gives you a pretty impressive DoT (especially on tanks).
  • Dead Man's Plate increases your movement speed and provides a slowdown on your first attack.

Situational items

  • Rylai's Scepter is to be taken if you are ahead, it allows you to permanently slow down your enemies.
  • Abyssal Mask grants you magic resistance as well as health and mana regeneration.
  • Iceborne Gauntlet works great with Dead Man's Plate to add burst and slow enemies with auto-attacks.
  • Adaptive Helm is effective against enemies who have low cooldowns on their spells.
  • Thornmail is the best item against a team with a lot of AA, especially since it applies Grievous Wounds.
  • Warmog gives you health regeneration outside of combat, which allows Lillia to not return to base after a trade and to be present on end-of-game objectives more often.

How to play Lillia?

Lillia has good base damage, raw damage as well as damage based on max health, which makes her very effective in fairly long skirmishes. She is a character who is quite weak in duels, but who excels in team fights, especially thanks to hermovement speed, coupled with R - Lilting Lullaby which allows the entire opposing team to fall asleep.

Jungle Path

Lillia has trouble clearing solo camps. You want to focus on camps with multiple monsters in order to take advantage of the life regeneration offered by the Hunter's Talisman. Save your Smite to clean the Red. Lillia is quite fragile at the start of the game, so it is necessary to kite the jungle camps well in order to take minimal damage.

  • Level 1: Q - Blooming Blows is your spell with the least cooldown, be careful to hit your camps with the tip of the stick in order to inflict maximum damage.
  • Level 2: W - Watch Out! Eep! deals three times more damage if you hit your target with the center of the spell.
  • Level 3: E - Swirlseed has unlimited range, allowing you to help your laners, as well as checking bushes before stepping into them. Lillia does not have significant controls before level 6, you must gank the laner who has the most controls.
  • Level 6: R - Lilting Lullaby can put your enemies to sleep after you hit them with a spell, so you can create a gank while being on the other side of the map. If you hit E - Swirlseed, you can activate R - Sweet lullaby for an effortless gank.

In teamfights

It is in teamfight that Lillia can reveal all her potential. Dance around the fight by touching your Q - Blooming Blows to gain movement speed: when you see the opposing team regroup, use your Flash to enter the fray and hit as many enemies as possible so you can put them to sleep after. When the opposing team falls asleep, choose the person you want to burst using the rest of your spells.

You can also use E - Swirlseed coupled with R - Lilting Lullaby as a tool to surprise and kill an opponent before the start of the teamfight, or before an objective.


Lee sin

Tips & Tricks

  • Passive - Dream-Laden actually procs the Dark Harvest rune.
  • Q - Blooming Blows gives you a fairly substantial movement speed bonus that can stack up to five times, allowing you to get through the jungle very quickly. It's also your main way of surviving in combat: use your movement speed to dodge enemy spells and constantly reposition yourself.
  • You can use your Flash while casting Q - Blooming Blows to surprise your opponents, or to hit the outside of the spell to maximize your damage.
  • When you are at the base after a back, send E - Swirlseed to the lane of your choice, you have several angles in the base from which you can touch the lanes.
  • W - Watch Out! Eep! is hard enough to hit on a moving enemy, try to keep this spell in order to use it along with control.
  • R - Lilting Lullaby puts enemies to sleep for 1.5 seconds, if they take damage during this time they will be awakened and take additional damage. Use this space of time to decide which target you want to attack and leave their allies asleep to create numerical superiority.

Original content by Olivier "Firefox" Gastaldi.


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