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How to refund Cyberpunk 2077

The current-gen launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has been met with a range of technical issues, leading CD Projekt Red to issue an apology. For those who would like a refund, here's how you can claim.

How to refund Cyberpunk 2077

After months of hype, the shattering return to reality that was the release of Cyberpunk 2077 on December 10 was a shock to many players — and even more so to those who couldn't afford or didn't want to invest in more powerful consoles.

By withholding access to the PS4 and Xbox One fat versions of their game, CD Projekt Red has simply shot itself in the foot and is currently experiencing a particularly violent backlash.

Since then, the light has been shed on these versions, which more or less correspond to open-air scams.

The game is already profitable thanks to the digital pre-controls, but the studio's image is taking quite a beating. Similar situations have happened in the past, such as Watch Dogs, No Man's Sky or Anthem, but the outrageous communication around CP2077 has amplified everything.

Over the next few months, CDPR will be working to mop up as much of this as possible, with plenty of updates and promises for the future. The first corrective patches have been deployed.

However, for PS4/Xbox One Fat players it's better to wait or simply to get your money back.

PS4 and Xbox One Refund

VGC reports returns from Reddit users who could have obtained a refund for their digital version on PS4 by calling Sony's hotline. The information is starting to spread, so we recommend that you plan to wait a bit.

It would apparently be quite simple to get the refund by mentioning a faulty game. On the Microsoft side, we attach the refund request page in the link just below:

  • PlayStation Store Refund Q&A
  • Xbox Refund

PS5/Xbox Series Patch in 2021

Given the current state of the PS4/Xbox One versions, don't expect a miracle. These are versions that will never really recover. However, all isn't quite lost, since your game will also be activatable on PS5 and Xbox Series X if you decide to buy a next-generation console.

These versions are quite good thanks to retrocompatibility, even if we're obviously still very far from what is done on a PC.

Stadia/GeForce Now Versions

Who would have believed it? The least mediatized version of the game would finally represent the best compromise to play Cyberpunk 2077 in acceptable conditions. GeForce Now service is the same, affordable and with very decent performance if you've the necessary prerequisites on the connection side.

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