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League of Legends Season 11 Guide: Rell Support

League of Legends Season 11 Guide: Rell Support

Support champion Rell is the latest to hit Summoner's Rift. We've put together a handy guide, covering strategy, build, runes and items.

League of Legends Season 11 Guide: Rell Support

Runes, items, tips and more, check out our guide to playing Rell as a Support on League of Legends. Keep in mind that this guide is not set in stone - you'll need to be adaptable as your game progresses but also to your opponents, especially after you've purchased your main items.

League of Legends


League of Legends


Rell is a Melee Support with a lot of controls, so you will have no trouble using Aftershock and Font of Life. Conditioning and Overgrowth are the two runes that'll give you the best stats for the mid/late game. But if the opposing bot lane has a lot of poke, Second Wind proves to be an excellent alternative to the Conditioning rune.

Core Items


Locket of the Iron Solari

Zeke's Convergence


  • Locket of the Iron Solari helps your team resist damage by providing area protection. This allows Rell to offer a shield. Handy, as she only has control spells and no healing spells.
  • Zeke's Convergence increases the damage of his wearer (and his accomplice) every time they immobilize an enemy. Since Rell has 3 controls in her kit, she can maximize the effect of this item.

Starter & Boots

x2 Health Potion - League of Legends
x2 Health Potion
Relic Shield - League of Legends
Relic Shield
Defensive Boots - League of Legends
Defensive Boots

Summoner spells

Flash - League of Legends
Ignite - League of Legends
League of Legends


Lane phase

Rell is similar to Leona in the way she plays the lane phase. You have a lot of control and you're pretty tanky, but if you throw yourself into the scrum, you'll have a hard time running away. It is thus very important to know the damage potential of your ADC in order to choose your moves carefully. Z - Ferromancy: Crash Down / Ferromancy: Mount Up is your main source of engagement in the lane phase.

When you use the spell, you descend from your mount by inflicting a zone stun, but you are then slowed down until you climb back up on your mount. When you get back on your mount, you get a movement speed buff and you can throw an enemy behind you. It is recommended to use Z - Ferromancy: Crash Down when your ADC can follow you with a dash or other, and Z - Ferromancy: Mount Up if your ADC is more stationary.


Rell excels in teamfight thanks to her numerous zone controls. She can act as an initiator thanks to a R - Magnet Storm flank in order to regroup the opposing team and to be able to hit Z - Ferromancy: Crash Down a maximum of enemies, allowing your team to inflict heavy damage without being in danger. It can also easily protect its carrys thanks to the stun E - Attract and Repel, which has a good range.

Beware however, Rell becomes much more complex to play if she's not tanky enough to resist the blows of the opposing team. In this case, you have to act as a second engage, so you have to be a little more patient.

League of Legends

Tips & Tricks

  • Rell's auto attack is longer than that of a conventional hand-to-hand combat, allowing her to attack through thin walls.
  • Rell starts the game and comes back to life on his mount.
  • Passive - Break the Mold allows you to steal resistances from your opponents. You can steal resistances from multiple enemies at the same time. This does not work on epic monsters.
  • The resistances offered by Passive - Break the Mold disappear with the death of your target.
  • Q - Shattering Strike also inflicts damage all around you.
  • Q - Shattering Strike will only steal the armor of the target closest to you.
  • You can use your Flash during the animation of Q - Shattering Strike to redirect the attack.
  • Q - Shattering Strike breaks all shields, even Morgana's!
  • Z - Ferromancy: Crash Down cannot be interrupted by stuns. On the other hand, projections in the air like Malphite's ultimate can stop the spell.
  • You can use E - Attract and Repel and R - Magnet Storm during the animation of Z - Ferromancy: Crash Down.
  • Z - Ferromancy: Crash Down / Ferromancy: Mount Up can make you go through walls.
  • Warning: R - Magnet Storm has a maximum movement speed, i.e. if you run too fast, or if you use your Flash at maximum range, your enemies will be freed from the spell. The straight line movement speed of the spell is about 350 MS.

Thanks to Mobalytics for their statistics.

Content translated from French by Laure Laborde.


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