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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat The Great Izuchi

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat The Great Izuchi

The Great Izuchi is your first "real" opponent in Monster Hunter Rise. In this guide, we cover his weaknesses, and the best tips to beat him.

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat The Great Izuchi

The Great Izuchi is your first real contact with the Monster Hunter Rise bestiary. It is not the easiest monster to challenge when you start the game, but it is still a very interesting fight for both beginners and veteran players alike.

Good to know..

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Area: Shrine Ruins
  • Monster Afflictions: None

Fight against the Grand Izuchi

The Great Izuchi is not very formidable, and you'll only need to master the basics of gameplay to overcome him. Start by killing the little Izuchis if you don't have a weapon that sweeps a large area with its attacks. This will prevent you from taking damage as well as being interrupted at inopportune moments.

The most important thing is not to face him unless you know exactly what you are doing. The Great Izuchi will turn in your direction before attacking, so when it does, you must either block, run, or dodge.

He has quite a variety of attacks, with a spit of slime from a distance, a leap, and small claws. But the most important thing to watch out for is its tail since it can unleash a powerful vertical attack accompanied by a big leap forward. It can also whirl over a large area as it moves forward.

You should be able to avoid most of these attacks by staying on the move and attacking it from the flanks.

You'll need to attack the head to inflict maximum damage. By attacking the tail and damaging it, you will reduce his strength.

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat The Great Izuchi - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat The Great Izuchi

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Getting started in Monster Hunter Rise

In our guide, you'll find everything you need to know to start your journey in Monster Hunter Rise, as well as some useful tips.

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