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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Khezu

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Khezu

The ugliest and most hated monster in Monster Hunter Rise has arrived. Find out how to defeat it in our guide.

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Khezu

The Khezu has never been an appreciated monster in the West. Despite this, it is making a comeback in Monster Hunter Rise.

Who turned off the music?

A running theme in the Monster Hunter community is the complete absence of music during the fight against the Khezu. Normally the monsters have their own musical theme, or the generic zone theme is played. Here, it is replaced by a heavy silence, interrupted only by the sinister roars of the Khezu itself.

However, this is not a completely arbitrary decision by the developers, as the monster's theme music is played when it can see you. Since Khezu is blind, even if it is in combat it cannot see you.

This also explains its erratic movement and attacks, with it striking on the spot depending on the sounds it hears or attacks received.

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Khezu - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Khezu


  • Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Areas: Frozen Islands, Fortress
  • Monster Afflictions: Thunderblight, Stun, Mighty Roar, Mute in-game music
  • Elemental weaknesses: Fire
  • Elemental resistances: Thunder

Getting Ready

  • Weapon type: Ranged weapons have a strong advantage in this fight. In any case, give preference to fire damage.
  • Talents: Anti-Paralysis, Anti-Thunder, and Earplugs if you have that available.

Don't forget to eat at the canteen before you go hunting.

The fight against Khezu

In the past, Khezu was a rather annoying "troll" that marked a transition in the difficulty of hunts, with its repeated roars, its thunder zone, and the times when it was out of range.

Still, it's not very dangerous for careful hunters who know how to choose when to attack. If you're using a ranged weapon, and the use of wirebugs, the difficulty should be trivial.

The reason for this is that one of the unique traits of the Khezu is that it likes to cling to cave walls or the ceiling, and ambush. It will then slobber on hunters, attack them with its prehensile neck, or project thunder balls. You can throw special projectiles at it or perform an aerial attack with your weapon after hitting it to knock it down.

The Khezu is a slow, clumsy and blind monster. You'll find it is very easy to attack it since it moves very little. It does have a few annoying defense methods in melee. The first is its 360° pivot attack: it tends to hit melee hunters with its tail. The second attack will trigger an electric zone around it which will hit any hunters that are too close.

From a distance, the Khezu will use a small charge, a small leap, and a snap after extending his neck. You'll have to watch out for its electric attack. It will lower its mouth to the ground and spit out three electric balls in a fan zone. Their range is extremely long, they can almost reach the other end of the area. You have to be far away and pass between two balls, do a lateral roll, or jump in the air with a wirebug. These balls also have a paralyzing effect: if you are hit, you will suffer heavy damage.

The ultimate tip to know what the Khezu will do is to watch its tail. When it transforms and sticks to the ground, it means that it will use an electric attack. If it does, you need to back up quickly.

Khezu's weaknesses are its head and neck for all types of weapons. The torso is an alternative for sharp and blunt weapons.

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Khezu - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Khezu

Armor Set

Strong against lightning, moderate against the other elements, except for fire for which there is a penalty.

Translated by Amarylis

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