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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Rathian

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Rathian

While waiting to face the Rathalos, how about facing Rathian in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Rathian

The Rathalos and the Rathian are the headliners of Monster Hunter Rise. The fight against Rathian is much more formidable than the Great Izuchi and the Arzuros, but less so than the Mizutsune.

The basic Rathian allows you to discover the big family of wyverns. Capable of flying, spitting fireballs, and poisoning you with its tail, killing it will require you to master the basics of gameplay while waiting to take on much more formidable monsters.


  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Area: Shrine Ruins
  • Monster Afflictions: Poison, Roars, Fireblight


The important thing here will be to have the right consumables. Collect Healing Herbs as well as honey to make Mega Healing Potions. You already have some Antidotes, but you can make more later with some herbs.

Remember to take a good look around the area to collect the local wildlife and a maximum of Spiribird, giving you various bonuses.

Don't forget to take the consumables from the supply box and to eat rations or steaks

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Rathian - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat Rathian

Fight against the Rathian

The Rathian has many and different attacks. The important thing is to avoid making big mistakes that could be fatal. To begin with, as with most of the monsters in the game, you should not be in front of her. She loves to throw three fireballs (one to the left, one to the center, and one to the right), which are difficult to avoid unless you are far away or already on her flanks. If you are ever afflicted by fireblight after being hit by a fireball, chain two or three rolls.

Her roar will make you vulnerable to an attack if she can attack directly afterward. She can either fly up and spit a fireball, charge down and knock you over or do a backflip and hit you with its poisonous tail.

Aiming at the tail of the Rathian is a good plan if your weapon is suitable. If not, it's better to aim for the head. By being behind the Rathian and on its sides, you will already avoid a lot of attacks. However, you will always have to be wary of her rotations which she likes to link together twice. To dodge them, you have to roll under her tail at the right moment.

Once the tail is cut off, you can aim at the Rathian's head by standing on its sides. You can also aim for the wings, they are easy to hit and are weak points. They lend themselves particularly well to aerial attacks with wirebugs.

When the Rathian flies away, the best thing to do is to use the Bug Flashes on the map to bring it down. You can also use aerial attacks with the wirebug.

One of the Rathian's seemingly unimpressive techniques, but formidable in practice, is her ground charge. She will run from one end of the area to the other and deal damage if she touches you (including with her wings). Try to stay out of its path, and if you can't, do a side roll. This technique is dangerous because she loves to use it several times in a row. The timing makes it quite possible to get hit, fall, get up, and get hit again without being able to do anything. To avoid this, it is better to stay on the ground as long as possible and wait for the right moment to get up, when things have calmed down a bit.

Remember to keep yourself as alive as possible.

Translated by Amarylis.

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