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Where to find Starmetal Veins for Starmetal Ore in New World

New World: Resource Farming Guides
Where to find Starmetal Veins for Starmetal Ore in New World

Starmetal Ore is a Tier IV resource you'll need to level your Smelting Trade Skill in New World, and the veins it's sourced from are found all over Aeternum. Here are the best places to look.

Where to find Starmetal Veins for Starmetal Ore in New World

Starmetal Veins are a node found in the wilds of New World which players can mine for Starmetal Ore.

Grey, with a pulsing blue light coursing within, they'll require a bit of searching to uncover.

Here's what you'll need and where the best areas are to find Iron Ore in New World.

What do you need Starmetal Ore for in New World?

A Tier IV metal used in Smelting, mining Iron Veins will give you ore that is used used to create Iron Ingots. This is then used in a number of Arcana, Armoring, Weaponsmithing, Engineering and Furnishing recipes.

In order to mine Starmetal Veins, you'll need a Mining Pickaxe. You'll have to be at least Mining Lv. 100 to mine them, and you'll be able to track Starmetal Vein nodes from Mining Skill Lv. 125.

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The best locations to farm Starmetal Ore in New World

Acquiring Starmetal will undoubtedly take you off the beaten track. Here's the routes we think will serve you best.

In-and-out in Weaver's Fen

This route is relatively quick. It has you leave Weaver's Fen via the west exit and head along the path to the Vega Bridge. Follow it southwest collecting the nodes as you go.

A ridge west of Angler's Doom houses the remaining nodes.

Starmetal Ore Locations in Weaver's Fen. - New World
Starmetal Ore Locations in Weaver's Fen.

Touring Upper Brightwood

There's three or four good clusters of Starmetal in Brightwood. Start at the Fort Alazar Shrine and make your way south, picking up the first nodes around Fort Alazar itself. To the southeast is a small pond and a ridge with some more nodes. 

Heading east, pass Chancellor's Torment for a a few more nodes, then circle clockwise for more around Cathedral de Vasquez. The final few nodes can be found aroud Gren's Place. 

Starmetal Ore Locations in Brightwood. - New World
Starmetal Ore Locations in Brightwood.

The Great Cleave

A higher-level zone, this tour around the region should net you plenty of nodes. 

Start by fast travelling into Tempest Valley Shrine. Generally, you'll want to head northwest along the valley, with nodes on each side. 


Starmetal Ore Locations in Great Cleave. - New World
Starmetal Ore Locations in Great Cleave.

The long route

This last route we've marked out for you, given it spans two whole territories. 

Start at the New Balefire Shrine in the northeast of Mourningdale, and follow the route marked southwards, ending just northeast of the Restless Shore settlement.


Starmetal Ore Locations in Mourningdale. - New World
Starmetal Ore Locations in Mourningdale.

Know any other good Starmetal Ore locations? Let us know in the comments section below!

Map images courtesy of MapGenie.

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