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Where to find Lodestone in New World

New World: Resource Farming Guides
Where to find Lodestone in New World

Lodestone is a Tier IV resource you'll need to level your Stonecutting Trade Skill in New World, and the nodes it's sourced from are found all over Aeternum. Here are the best places to look.

Where to find Lodestone in New World

Lodestone is found and mined in the wilds of New World.

A rock with a fiery glow to them, they are found in a handful of small clusters across Aeternum.

Here's what you'll need and where the best areas are to find Lodestone in New World.

What do you need Lodestone for in New World?

Used in Stonecutting, mining Lodestone will give you a tier IV resource that is highly sought after for a handful of crucial recipes.

It can be refined into two objects, Lodestone Brick and Obsidian Voidstone. Both are used in Town Projects and the various Tuning Orbs that grant access to Expeditions.

The Voidstone is also used in the creation of Runestones, which are needed for a pair of Legendary weapons and the two highest-level Tuning Orbs.

In order to mine Lodestone, you'll need a Mining Pickaxe. There's a level requirement of 105 to mine them, and you'll be able to track Lodestone nodes from Mining Skill Lv. 155.

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The best locations to farm Lodestone in New World

We've selected four key pockets we think are the best for farming Lodestone.

Cutlass Keys

Perform a sweeping S-shaped path west from the Cutlass Keys settlement, roughly following the path past the Brighteye Den and Rothoard Hollow, picking up nodes as you go.

Before you cross the water, swing southeast along the ridge past the Yafda Steps. Your journey is complete just after the Gefyra Bridge.

Lodestone Locations in Cutlass Keys. - New World
Lodestone Locations in Cutlass Keys.

Restless Shore

There are plenty of nodes in Restless Shore, across the islets that make up the southern part of the territory.

There are a few in the far northeast too, in the mountains around Fort Damnation and on the island to the east.

Lodestone Locations in Restless Shore. - New World
Lodestone Locations in Restless Shore.


You'll find plenty of nodes up in the northwest of Brightwood.

Fast travel into the Wolfbough Shrine and circle in a northeast direction to sweep up all the nodes.

Lodestone Locations in Brightwood. - New World
Lodestone Locations in Brightwood.

Great Cleave

The northern part of Great Cleave also houses several nodes, and is perhaps one of the best areas to farm Lodestone quickly.

Travel into the Tempest Valley Shrine, head northeast to the Tundramouth Burrow, and then follow the ridge northwest to Svikin's Stand, collecting Lodestone as you go.

Lodestone Locations in Great Cleave. - New World
Lodestone Locations in Great Cleave.

Weaver's Fen

Finally, for those who want a quick in-and-out, there's a nice circle of nodes in Weaver's Fen.

You can approach this from either the Settlement in the south or Mallory's Refuge in the northwest, the distance to the cluster is roughly equal.

It's found just after the Vega Bridge, in-between Fenton Hamlet and Clawpoint Ruins.

Lodestone Locations in Weaver's Fen. - New World
Lodestone Locations in Weaver's Fen.

Know any other good Lodestone locations? Let us know in the comments section below!

Map images courtesy of MapGenie.

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