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A refiining skill that will provide you with stone, gems and other key resources for crafting, here's all you need to know about Stonecutting in Amazon's New World.

Stonecutting is one of the Refining Skills in Amazon's new MMO, New World.

There's no prerequisite to getting started with this skill, just take the stone and gems you collect from Aeternum's many boulders and Ore Veins to a Stonecutting Table in a Settlement and off you go.

Be mindful that you'll need a higher level Stonecutting Table to refine higher quality gems, so make sure you visit a Settlement which has leveled up its workstations.

Is Stonecutting for me?

The primary beneficiary of Stonecutting is Jewelcrafting, with the many gems used to augment armor and weapons.

It's a profession which has perfect synergy with the Mining gathering skill, being the primary provider of gems and wood for refining.

Types of Stone

Resources received

Stone Block

Stone Brick

Lodestone Brick

Obsidian Voidstone



Tuning Orbs, Gemstones, and More

While base stones are plentiful, you'll need to source other materials -- such as Elemental Motes -- if you want to craft the more useful items.

Examples of these advanced items are the various Cut Gemstones for augmenting gear. and Tuning Orbs which grant access to Expeditions and Arenas. These are one-time items, so you'll need to craft many if you want to repeat the dungeons.

An example of an Ore Vein - New World
An example of an Ore Vein

What resources are needed for cutting Gemstones?

Depending on the tier of the cut gemstone you want to refine, the resources you need will scale in rarity.

The tiers of cut gemstones are as follows:

  • Tier 2: Cut Flawed Gemstone
  • Tier 3: Gemstone, Cut Gemstone
  • Tier 4: Brilliant Gemstone, Cut Brilliant Gemstone
  • Tier 5: Pristine Gemstone, Cut Pristine Gemstone

The materials you'll need in crafting gemstones are as follows:

  • Tier 2 Gemstone: Elemental Mote
  • Tier 3 Gemstone: Elemental Wisp
  • Tier 4 Gemstone: Elemental Essence
  • Tier 5 Gemstone: Elemental Quintessence
New World: How to get more Raw Gemstones

Whether for Jewelcrafting or simply to socket your gear, Raw Gemstones are essential resources. However, they can be hard to get hold of, so we've put together a guide to help you get hold of gems quicker.

What resources are needed for crafting Tuning Orbs?

Each Expedition and Arena has it's own Tuning Orb, which can be crafted by Stonemasons.

List of Expeditions and Tuning Orbs

  • Amrine Excavation (Lv. 25) -- Amrine Tuning Orb
  • Starstone Barrow (Lv. 35) -- Starstone Tuning Orb
  • The Depths (Lv. 45) -- Depths Tuning Orb
  • Dynasty Shipyard (Lv. 55) -- Dynasty Tuning Orb
  • Garden of Genesis (Lv. 60) -- Genesis Tuning Orb
  • Lazarus Instrumentality (Lv. 65) -- Lazarus Tuning Orb

List of Arenas and Tuning Orbs

  • Arena of Siren's Stand -- Siren Tuning Orb
  • Monoecious Cleft -- Monoecious Tuning Orb
  • Protector Arena of the Eternal Pools -- Protector's Tuning Orb

The list of materials needed to craft Tuning Orbs is extensive, and spans several different professions.

You can find our guides to obtaining Tuning Orbs below, and stay tuned for the others!

Refining materials such as Sandpaper and Solvent can be found in Supply Containers. As long as you are opening chests as you explore Aeternum, you should have plenty on hand when it comes to refining gems and stone.

Obsidian Sandpaper and Pure Solvent, rare items, will need to be farmed from containers in Elite areas, those which are level 56 and above.

New World Leveling Guide: How to farm XP and reach max level faster

Leveling is a a big part of any MMO, and New World doesn't make it easy with long quest chains and plentiful settlement tasks. We've put together this guide to help you reach max level quickly.

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