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Where to find Scorchstone for Fire Mote & Molten Lodestone in New World

New World: Resource Farming Guides
Where to find Scorchstone for Fire Mote & Molten Lodestone in New World

Motes are a key resource in New World, used as components in several Arcana recipes among others. Fire Motes and Molten Lodestones can be found when mining Scorchstone nodes, and here's the best places to look.

Where to find Scorchstone for Fire Mote & Molten Lodestone in New World

Scorchstone is a node that is farmed using the Mining skill in New World, and gives off Fire Motes and Molten Lodestones.

A burning, lava-infused rock, here's what you'll need and where the best areas are to find Scorchstone in Aeternum.

What do you need Scorchstone for in New World?

A special type of rock formation that gives off Fire Reagents, the two primary drops will be Fire Motes and Molten Lodestones. Both are key Arcana ingredients.

Fire Motes are used in a whole load of potions, and the cutting of Ruby and Carnelian gemstones. It is also a key resource in crafting the Elemental Heart, a mid-level reagent in ultimately creating Tuning Orbs and Voidbent Ingots. You'll also need it for crafting Fire Staffs and some furniture.

Molten Lodestones, meanwhile, are also used in several potions, and coatings.

There's also a chance, providing you have Luck, in Scorchstone dropping Niter that add perks when crafting gear.

In order to mine Scorchstone, you'll need a Mining Pickaxe. There's a level requirement of 50 to mine them, and you'll be able to track Scorchstone nodes from Mining Skill Lv. 75.

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The best locations to farm Scorchstone in New World

These are the clusters we think are best for power-farming Scorchstone.

Cutlass Keys

There are two nice clusters at Fort Ramos and just south of the Rusty Spoon Camp. 

Use the Marshview Shrine to fast travel in and get closer.

Scorchstone Locations in Cutlass Keys. - New World
Scorchstone Locations in Cutlass Keys.

Great Cleave 

There are plenty of nodes in the north of Great Cleave, particularly around Svikin's Stand and the valley south of it.

Tempest Valley Shrine is close, for ease of transport of your haul.

Scorchstone Locations in Great Cleave. - New World
Scorchstone Locations in Great Cleave.

Restless Shore

There's nodes all over this region, as well as the northern neighbour of Mourningdale. 

If you're prepared to put in the legwork, you'll come away with a lot of Scorchstone travelling between the two territories' Settlements.

Scorchstone Locations in Restless Shore. - New World
Scorchstone Locations in Restless Shore.


Although relatively far apart, nodes here are in lower-level areas and are easier to farm.

Start across the border in Monarch's Bluff shrine Achernar, and weave a path southeast towards Windsward hamlet. 

There's a few nodes around the Hermit's Shrine, too.

Scorchstone Locations in Windsward. - New World
Scorchstone Locations in Windsward.

Know any other good Scorchstone locations? Let us know in the comments section below!

Map images courtesy of MapGenie.

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