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New World: Arcana Guide

A crafting skill that will provide you with magic weapons, potions and tinctures, here's all you need to know about the Arcana Trade Skill in Amazon's New World.

Arcana is one of the Crafting Trade Skills in Amazon's new MMO, New World.

There's no prerequisite to getting started with this skill, just take all the reagents, plants, and other resources you've refined and gathered to an Arcane Repository in a Settlement and off you go.

Be mindful that you'll need a higher level Arcane Repository to refine higher quality gear, so make sure you visit a Settlement which has leveled up its workstations.

Is Arcana for me?

New World's version of the alchemist, you'll find yourself acting as the primary supplier to your Company if you opt to focus on Arcana.

From potions and tinctures to magical weapons, Arcana is perhaps the most complicated crafting skill in the game. This is mainly due to the sheer range of resources you'll need, and the difficulty in obtaining them.

However, this trade skill will pay off, with plenty of gold-earning possibilities.

Arcana Leveling Guide

Should you wish to speed up your progress in Arcana from 0-200, we've put together a dedicated guide.

New World: Arcana Leveling Guide

From the Fire Staff to the Ice Gauntlet, Potions to Tinctures , what's the best way to level up your Arcana skill in New World? This guide helps budding alchemists reach their maximum potential.

Where to find Arcana resources

New World

From Harvesting to Mining, Logging to Fishing, there's a whole load of rare resources you'll need that come from claiming the bounties of every node, tree, plant and pool.

Ultimately, Arcana will perhaps be the most farm-intensive crafting profession, and will require a lot of patience.

For the materials that come from fishing specifically, check out our dedicated guides to maximising your chances of the rare drops.

Arcana: Most notable items to craft

Arcana provides items that all players can use, and are especially crucial in specific situations.

Examples include:


Common / Strong / Powerful / Infused

Applying coatings will increase your damage against specific types of enemy.

For example, Lost Coating increases damage against The Lost, while Beast Coating boosts damage to animals.

Later in the game these will be important in min-maxing DPS against bosses.


Common / Strong / Powerful / Infused / Distilled

Contrary to Coatings, these offer resistances and clear debuffs.

The Corruption Tincture in particular will prove important when taking on Corrupted Breaches.

Encumbrance Potions

Strong / Powerful / Infused

These increase your Encumbrance by 50/75/100 points for a short time.

Power-farmers will snap these up, and it's always important to have a few on hand for when you're between Settlements.

New World Leveling Guide: How to farm XP and reach max level faster

Leveling is a a big part of any MMO, and New World doesn't make it easy with long quest chains and plentiful settlement tasks. We've put together this guide to help you reach max level quickly.

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