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Animal Crossing New Horizons Snowman: How To Make The Perfect Yetiti?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Snowman: How To Make The Perfect Yetiti?

Tired of missing out on snowmen in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Here's the ultimate technique to create the perfect Snowboy every single time.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Snowman: How To Make The Perfect Yetiti?

Creating Snowboys is something players have been able to do for a long, long time in Animal Crossing games. However, crafting them perfectly has become a rather difficult exercise, often discouraging players.

The perfect Snowboy is very important in New Horizons, as they'll reward you with seasonal DIY recipes.

By completing Perfect Snowmen, you'll complete Nook Mileage achievements, and receive Nook Miles to boot.

How to make the perfect Snowboy

While many players still employ the technique of comparing snowball size to character height, there is a much more reliable method using terraforming.

For this, you'll need to have a three-star island, unlock K.K. Slider, and terraforming.

  1. Roll a first snowball as far as possible, and place it somewhere with nothing around it.
  2. Roll a second snowball as far as possible, and leave it aside a little further.
  3. Create an path via terraforming of 10 squares, starting from your first snowball. Alternate between dirt road and country path to create 10 separate squares.
  4. Bring your second snowball to the start of the path and roll it over the earth squares to the first ball: this will shrink its size and you can place it on top of the other to form the perfect snowman.

Remember that Snowboys will give you a Large Snowflake every day until they melt.

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