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League of Legends S12: Kha'Zix Jungle Build Guide

Season 12 Build Guides
League of Legends S12: Kha'Zix Jungle Build Guide

Find out all you need to know to build Kha'Zix Jungle in League of Legends Season 12, including runes, items, and skill order.

League of Legends S12: Kha'Zix Jungle Build Guide

From runes to items, gameplay tips amd more, we've put together a guide to help you master playing Kha'Zix in the jungle in League of Legends.

Be mindful that there are several ways to build and play a champion, and you'll need to be adaptable as the game and the enemy team progress.

That said, this guide is a good starting point to helping you get to grips with the champion and making an impact in your games.


Kha'Zix Rune Choices - League of Legends
Kha'Zix Rune Choices

Core Items

Duskblade of Draktharr

3100 Gold

Youmoo's Ghostblade

3000 Gold


Duskblade of Draktharr is an essential tool on any burst assassin, and Kha'Zix is no exception.

Youmoo's Ghostblade also works well, giving him more mobility around the jungle and in setting up ganks.

Other good items include Edge of Night, Serpent's Fang, and Serylda's Grudge.

Starting Item & Boots

Refillable Potion

150 Gold

Jungle Item

350 Gold

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

950 Gold

Skill Order

While your choices may differ according to how the game progresses, the typical Kha'Zix skill priority is:

R > Q > W > E

Summoner Spells

These are the summoner spells most typically taken by Kha'Zix in this role. Naturally, this may change depending on match-ups.

Flash - League of Legends
Smite - League of Legends


Kha'Zix is a great assassin jungler, if you target the more fragile enemies. You can be easily locked down, so you won't want to dive into a team if they have a lot of CC capabilities. It's far better to pick your moment than to give away your life needlessly.

  • Level 1 - Take Q - Taste Their Fear, for faster jungle clear.
  • Level 2 - Take Void Spike, for the on-hit heal. 
  • First Back

Tips & Tricks

  • Play around bushes as much as possible, and make sure you've cleared vision first. You benefit far more when diving onto an enemy from an unseen position.
  • Use this passive to dive on isolated targets, applying a slow and the passive effects of your skills.
  • Your upgraded Leap can lead to multiple assassinations, thanks to the reset on takedown.
  • Be unpredictable after using Void Assault, changing direction after activation to sow confusion.
  • Each time you put a point into Void Assault you can evolve one of your other spells. Choose wisely according to the way the game is playing out. 
  • If you play against Rengar and have reached level 16 (evolving three abilities), a kill against Rengar will grant you a fourth evolution point.
Nam Fish

À contre-courant, comme un poisson dans l'eau...

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