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Shaggy MultiVersus: Moves, perks... How to play him?

Shaggy MultiVersus: Moves, perks... How to play him?

Shaggy, Scooby-Doo's faithful companion, is one of the playable characters in the current roster of MultiVersus, the new hit free-to-play fighting game from Warner Bros. studios. Here is a guide to help you better understand his combat skills.

Shaggy MultiVersus: Moves, perks... How to play him?

Shaggy is a Bruiser class character in MultiVersus. To unlock it, you will have to pay either 1500 gold coins, 700 Gleamium or 1 character ticket .


The last thing Shaggy remembers before The Change was exploring another spooky old mansion with his pal Scoob, just like any other day with the gang. He found a strange glowing crystal and, thinking it was rock candy, went to take a bite. There was a FLASH… and then blackness. When he came to, he found himself in possession of incredible powers. He doesn’t know where they came from or how they work, but he’s vowed to use them to vanquish evil and protect the little guy. As soon as he gets some lunch, that is.


Passive Skills

Shaggy's RAGED special attacks hit harder, move further. Also give him ARMOR during the attack and apply maximum stacks of WEAKENED DEBUFF to hit enemies. RAGE is consumed after a special attack. Allies with a small RAGE will apply maximum WEAKENED on their next attack, but RAGE will be consumed afterward.

Allies who become ENRAGED will apply maximum STACKS of WEAKENED on their next MELEE attack, but ENRAGED will be consumed afterward.

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral : CHARGE up a powerful straight punch. While CHARGING Shaggy has ARMOR.
  • Laterals: A COMBO of punches ending in a strong headbutt.
  • Top: CHARGE an overhead swing.
  • Bottom: CHARGE an ARMORED stomp that BREAKS ARMOR. After hitting an enemy, press input again to COMBO into a clap attack that applies SLOW to enemies.

Air Attacks

  • Neutral : Shaggy does a flurry of kicks below him that hit multiple times.
  • Laterals : A fast knee forward attack that can be CHARGED.
  • Top : A sweeping swing above Shaggy.
  • Down : Shaggy uses a two-handed pound attack to knock enemies downward.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: CHARGE to build up Shaggy's rage. After fully charged, Shaggy gains RAGE and applies ENRAGED to allies. He also drops a Scooby Snack that slightly HEALS the fighter who picks it up.
    If RAGED, Shaggy will dash to his ally, making them ENRAGED and releasing a blast that knocks away enemies.
  • Laterals : Shaggy does a flying kick forward.
  • Top: Shaggy does a flying uppercut launching himself into the air. The RAGE version hits multiple times.
  • Bottom : Shaggy equips sandwich. Once equipped, input again to throw the sandwich as a PROJECTILE. Can HEAL allies it passes through. If RAGED and holding a sandwich, the sandwich will become larger and do more DAMAGE. If not holding a sandwich, Shaggy deals a slam attack similar to the Aerial Down Special.
    Aerial : Shaggy launches himself towards the ground gaining ARMOR and hits nearby enemies upon landing. If RAGED, Shaggy will create a shockwave PROJECTILE that hits multiple times. If sandwich is equipped, then Shaggy will throw sandwich PROJECTILE instead.

Which assets to choose?

  1. Your team deals 10% increased damage after 100 damage.
  2. Your team deals 5% increased damage with airborne melee attacks.
  3. Your team deals 7% increased damage against the fighter with the highest damage.
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