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I Walk the Line Cyberpunk 2077: Quest and Choice for Netwatch and Sasquash

I Walk the Line Cyberpunk 2077: Quest and Choice for Netwatch and Sasquash

Here you are in Pacifica with the Voodoo Boys, and a rather important main mission will require you to make several important decisions, with rather heavy repercussions. Here is all the info in this walkthrough guide.

It is sometimes very difficult to measure the impact of your choices in Cyberpunk 2077, and this is especially true with the mission "I Walk the Line". Luckily, when you're surrounded by unpleasant gangsters who only dream of stabbing you in the back, it becomes much easier to accept the fact that things could turn out very badly for them.

Cyberpunk 2077


You must have completed the Never Fade Away mission to unlock I Walk the Line. After talking to Placide, the next mission starts automatically.

  • Talk to Placide's men, then enter the building. You can choose to opt for discretion for an easier experience. But going all in and killing everyone is a viable option.
  • Having a high score in Technical Ability (10) or Constitution (10) allows you to open different passages or disable cameras, making the journey easier.
  • From here you have several options, the mission is playable in different ways.

Following Placide's orders

  • We advise you to go through the floors of the shopping center, making detours inside the shops to the right of the area, in order to discreetly eliminate the Animals. Then go down discreetly (or not) to search everything by eliminating the Animals that often turn their backs on you by default.
  • At the bottom of the area, you will be able to go down the escalator to reach the van, and hack its terminal. You will then receive further instructions.
  • You then have to go up again, but on the left. Go through the disused elevator shaft by climbing the crates. You will eventually reach a large room in which the leader of the Animals is waiting for you: Sasquatch. You can either choose to pass without facing it, or engage in combat against this boss.
  • But be careful, to pass discreetly, you must not have hacked the van, nor have sounded the alarm beforehand by eliminating the Animals . We will come back to this later. If you do not respect these conditions, the accesses are closed, and the confrontation is inevitable.
Cyberpunk 2077

Fight against Sasquatch

Ideally, engage the fight behind his back, tearing off his hormone injectors, which will greatly weaken him. Failing that, circling it and shooting the injector until it's destroyed is also a viable option.

  • Since Sasquatch is a brute in melee, it's best to keep your distance. This shouldn't be too difficult with cyberware and managing your moves properly, i.e. backing up while shooting, circling around her, and dodging laterally.
  • The most important thing is to avoid being knocked down, since she will then launch a hack, which will force you to finish the fight in a limited time.
  • Once Sasquatch is defeated, you are going to get legendary items, his iconic hammer, 2 legendary items and 15,000 Eddies, which makes this fight really desirable.
  • Depending on the weapon used and your decision, Sasquatch can be kept alive. But it does not have a noticeable impact on the story , it will just influence the hostility of the Animals in the building.
Cyberpunk 2077

Disobey Placide

If you don't like the Voodoo Boys' openly dismissive attitude, you can choose to ignore Placide's instructions. In this case, infiltrate the area to reach the cinema, but without hacking the van.

  • Go through Sasquatch's room, if you haven't been spotted by the Animals, the passage is open, and the confrontation with the boss is then avoidable. If Sasquatch spots you, the doors will still close.
  • You will then be able to directly see the Netwatch agent.
  • Thereafter, all you have to do is make a phone call to Brigitte after her call, to accept her offer and launch the sequel.
Cyberpunk 2077

The NetWatch Proposal

When you face the NetWatch agent, you have a relatively important choice to make, with significant consequences. Some are only apparent in the following mission: Transmission. Here is a summary of the actions to be taken and their consequences:

  • Refuse NetWatch's offer - Subdue the agent and inject the Voodoo boys virus : the agent dies, along with many other agents across the continent. You will then lose consciousness, since Placide has planned to dispose of V at the same time. Fortunately, thanks to his unconventional situation, V survives, the building is empty, and he finds Placide and his men. Thereafter, he is led to Maman Brigitte and her Netrunners. The peculiarity of this choice is that the Voodoo Boys can survive following the quest, but fortunately you remain free to kill them yourself in order to punish them and loot their equipment.
  • Accept NetWatch's offer - Listen to the agent's explanations, then accept his proposal : Leave the area and find the Voodoo Boys, who will once again lead you to Maman Brigitte. The difference is that during the following "Transmission" quest, the virus used by NetWatch will kill the majority of the Voodoo Boys, and you will have to eliminate any survivors who will be directly hostile.

    Your choices have no long-term or story consequences, the only thing really at stake is the Voodoo Boys' eventual survival, or at least how they will die, since you are advised to kill them in any case.

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