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Disney Dreamlight Valley raccoon: Where to find it, How to tame the critter easily?

Disney Dreamlight Valley raccoon: Where to find it, How to tame the critter easily?

Head to a new Dreamlight Valley biome to meet raccoons, another of the species you can tame in the game. What food does it prefer, how do you approach it without running the risk of scaring it away? We answer all that in this new guide.

Our little tour of the different types of critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley continues. We saw the cute little foxes recently, but it's time to take an interest in one of the most complicated species in the game to tame: the raccoon. The ways of taming the animals in the game work in "pairs": the rabbit and the fox are captured in the same way, just like the crocodile and the raccoon, etc. We will also see in which biome you can come across the latter, but also what is his favorite food and at what times he appears.

Where to find raccoons and how many there are?

Location, raccoon schedules and colors

Here is the general information to know about this creature:

  • Raccoons can be found in the Trust Forest biome.
  • There are 5 different colors of raccoons in the game.

    To find each species of raccoon, you will have to respect appearance times. Be careful, because they are a little complicated to tame.

white raccoon

Available Tuesday Thursday and Friday all day.

Sunday : midnight to noon.

blue raccoon

Wednesday from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

classic raccoon

Available Monday Thursday and Saturday all day.

Sunday : noon to midnight.

black raccoon

Available Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday all day.

Sunday : noon to midnight.

red raccoon

Available Monday Wednesday and Friday all day.

Sunday : midnight to noon.

What food to use?

You will have to give them blueberries to eat if you wish to curry favor with you. As usual, search the biome in which they are in to flush out these ingredients.

How to tame the raccoon easily?

If you struggled on crocodiles, then you will probably struggle on raccoons, which have exactly the same mechanics. The approach will be similar: let's go for a small game of 1, 2, 3 Sun with a raccoon!

  1. Run behind the raccoon and wait for it to stop (back to you),
  2. Don't move until he turns around and looks at you,
  3. He will nod his head from right to left
  4. Do not move until he lowers his head slightly to the ground,
  5. Take a few steps forward (you can't walk, just move forward a few centimeters) and stop dead as soon as he raises his head,
  6. Repeat the operation
  7. Give him some of his favorite food

Important : feeding an animal does not guarantee that you will get it into your collection so that it becomes your companion. You have a small chance of this happening and only one try per day!

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