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LoL, League of Legends: 9.14 Patch Notes

LoL, League of Legends: 9.14 Patch Notes
Table of contents
  • New skins
  • Champions Balance Changes
  • Miscellaneous

Check out the notes from the League of Legends patch 9.14! In his suitcases, many balance changes on champions, two new skins for Lucian and Garen and the new champion to join Teamfight Tactics: Twisted Fate.

LoL, League of Legends: 9.14 Patch Notes

Find the latest changes made on the live servers League of Legends: patch 9.15. From balancing champions to new skins, discover all the changes related to this patch!


New Skins

  • Demacia Vice: Garen & Lucian
  • New chromas: Demacia Vice Garen & Lucian

Champion Balance Changes

  • Buffs: Alistar, Bard, Blitzcrank, Fizz, Jhin, Karma, Katarina, Kled, LeBlanc, Morgana, Nidalee, Poppy, Renekton, Ryze, Urgot
  • Balances: Aatrox, Ahri, Akali, Aurelion Sol, Cassiopeia, Galio, Jayce, Kennen, Leona, Lux, Malphite, Neeko, Pyke, Swain, Tahm Kench, Yuumi
  • Nerfs: Diana, Mordekaiser, Singed, Sylas


  • New summoner icons
  • New emotes
  • New ward skin
  • New Death Recap
Ranked Mode
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Twisted Fate
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