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LoL, Aphelios banrate breaks record in Korea

LoL, Aphelios banrate breaks record in Korea

The champion's banning rate takes into account the accumulation of the two teams, plus remakes. However, the score is still impressive: 223%.

LoL, Aphelios banrate breaks record in Korea

An excessive range, huge dps, controls or even a very good waveclear, Aphelios concentrates all the assets.

The latest League of Legends champion was released on December 11th and - after being awarded the prize for the most overloaded kit by players - is now attracting the hostility of the soloQ all over the world.

In Korea, its ban rate has exceeded the symbolic 200% threshold. With a very good late-game, builds that perfectly fit the meta and a broken synergy with many supports, Aphelios has literally become unplayable on Korean servers. A dynamic of rejection that seems to increase when you look closely at the latest creations of the publisher: the examples of Zoe, Yuumi or Akali's rework had led, to a lesser extent, a similar outcry among players.

The latest record to date was then held by Akali, with a peak of 174% of bans in Korea.

The difficulty for players to take control of the character, or even to understand him in-depth, would push a large majority of them to ban him from their game. With a total of ten different spells, Aphélios is paying for his versatility and has already earned a reputation as a champion in his own right.

Last week, the KeSPA Cup organizers insisted on banning the champion from the traditional Korean tournament, awaiting for Riot Games to balance him.

Aphelios' R was nerfed in the last patch, but we're seriously doubting that it will be enough to actually prevent people from permabanning him from their solo queue games.

Check out Aphelios' incredibly complex spell kit

Although Senna has just been released, Riot Games are pressing ahead with their preseason content. Aphelios, League of Legends' 147th champion, has been unveiled as a new ADC/marksman — here's what we know so far.


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