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LoL PBE hotfix : Akali and Yuumi buffed

LoL PBE hotfix : Akali and Yuumi buffed

Considered too strong by many players, Akali and Yuumi were struck by the nerf hammer with patch 10.3. However, Riot Games decided they went too far on them, and both champions will soon receive a buff via a micro patch.

LoL PBE hotfix : Akali and Yuumi buffed

Akali was originally made to be a stomper champion, capable of obliterating players in low-ranking games while being really hard to master. The Rogue Assassin was reworked two years ago in order to grant her this status, but many League of Legends players — including professional players and coaches — considered that she was completely overpowered.

SK Gaming's Head Coach Ran "Brokenshard" Djemal — @brokenshard

Patch 10.3 aimed at nerfing Akali by changing her ultimate as well as her shroud, and she went from being incredibly powerful to be an average champion. However, it appears that Riot Games decided they went too far on her, and they will soon push a hotfix to buff her a little bit.

The same goes for Yuumi, that was also targeted by a nerf in patch 10.3.


E - Shuriken Flip
• Damage: 40-160 → 50-190

R - Perfect Execution
• Cooldown: 160-100 → 120-60
• R1 Damage:
85-215 → 125-325


Q - Prowling Projectile
• Base damage: 40-165 → 40-190

E - Zoomies
• Base healing:
70-190 → 70-210

While Yuumi adjustment seems minor and could be really appreciated by fans of the Magical Cat, reactions to the changes Akali has undergone have been more mixed...

Knowing that Qiyana is now pretty much an Akali on steroids, will the Rogue Assassin be feared yet again in the Rift?

Don't hesitate to let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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