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League of Legends: Vaevictis eSports removed from LCL due to poor results

League of Legends: Vaevictis eSports removed from LCL due to poor results

Vaevictis eSports will not participate in the LCL, the Russian League of Legends tournament, this year. Judged to be too weak, the team will be replaced for the Spring Split 2020 by another squad, CrowCrowd.

League of Legends: Vaevictis eSports removed from LCL due to poor results

In February 2019, Russian League of Legends organization Vaevictis eSports introduced an all-female roster to the LCL. While the competitiveness of the team was doubted by many as they started the season, things got progressively worse — leading to other teams disrespecting them during picks and bans, selecting random champions, and banning mainly supports.

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The org's 2019 season was a disaster, with 28 straight losses, a 0% win rate, and an average number of deaths per game of 26.

It wasn't much of a surprise that league officials relegated the team to the Open Cup, a tournament that brings together eight teams from the closed qualifiers and eight teams from the LCL. If successful, Vaevictis could return to the LCL.

The team will be replaced by CrowCrowd for the Spring Split, an organization co-owned by Kirill "Likkrit" Malofeev, former support for Albux Nox Luna.


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