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LoL, LEC Week 4 Power Rankings: Origen and Misfits flawless

LEC Spring Split 2020 Power Rankings
LoL, LEC Week 4 Power Rankings: Origen and Misfits flawless

One thing is for sure, Week 4 was probably the most surprising in the LEC since the season began. Let's take a look at the League of Legends teams that have done well in our weekly Power Rankings, as we head into Week 5.

LoL, LEC Week 4 Power Rankings: Origen and Misfits flawless

This week in the League of Legends European Championship, the favourites were no longer the favourites, the underdogs became giants, and the teams that seemed to be lost woke from their slumber. Let's take a look at the best performances of the week and their impact on our ranking.

1 — Origen

Score of the week: 2 - 0

Ranking: 1

This week was marked by tactical ingenuity on the part of Origen. Even though their matches are often slow and controlled, one can only admire the strategic efficiency of Deficio and Xpeke's team.

2 — Misfits Gaming

Score of the week: 2 - 0

Ranking: 1

It's six wins in a row for Misfits who now seem unstoppable. This week, they first won against G2 Esports. Razork was majestic on Ekko, while the botlane was almost too easy against Caps and Mikyx.

Then, against Vitality, the match was close but Misfits never really lost control of the objectives. As a result, they are currently the "team to beat" of the championship.

3 — G2 Esports

Score of the week: 0 -2

Ranking: 1

G2 Esports lost both matches in Week 4, and it was as much about the execution as the strategy. They were dominated by both Misfits and Schalke 04, which was surprising given they had dominated the tournament for three whole weeks.

4 — MAD Lions

Score of the week: 1 - 1

Ranking: 4

MAD Lions are coming out with a pretty positive record this week, especially considering their opponents — they had to face Origen and Fnatic.

The rookies continue to amaze, and remain well positioned in the rankings. They can clearly qualify for the Playoffs if they keep this level of play.

5 — Fnatic

Score of the week: 1 - 1

Ranking: 4

This week, Fnatic decided to play through the toplane. The The Selfmade-Bwipo duo did quite well, even during their defeat against the MAD Lions.

It is the botlane that suffered the most, in particular Hylissang — who didn't really play the best matches of his career.

Fnatic are clearly in a breaking-in phase, and are looking to diversify their style.

6 — Rogue

Score of the week: 2 - 0

Ranking: 4

After Rogue's third catastrophic week, they needed to make adjustments this week. They did just that, but against teams at the bottom of the standings, that doesn't make their performances any more impressive.

However, in their victories over Schalke 04 and SK Gaming, Inspired performed rather impressively. His kills participation statistics alone show his huge impact on Rogue's game.

7 — Excel Esports

Score of the week: 1 - 1

Ranking: 7

Like Rogue, Excel won against teams at the bottom of the standings but could not get overcome the favorites. This week, they beat SK Gaming thanks to a great performance from Patrik.

Against Origen, on the other hand, they were unable to overcome Nukeduck's Soraka mid and Alphari's Camille. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that the level of play shown by the English org is more than honorable given pre-season expectations.

8 — SK Gaming

Score of the week: 0 - 2

Ranking: 8

After many weeks without showing anything very interesting, the German org does not seem ready to raise its level. So a lot of effort will have to be made to make the playoffs or even just to be competitive in the LEC.

This week, they lost against Rogue and Excel, two mid-ranked teams.

9 — Schalke 04

Score of the week: 1 - 1

Ranking: 9

It was Innaxe who took over the role of AD Carry this week, and although Schalke 04 announced that this change was temporary, it is clear that the problem is more structural.

After a mixed performance against Rogue, Schalke 04 finally recorded a victory — and it wasn't just against anyone, it was against G2 Esports. Even though the samurai did some damage with multiple backdoor attempts from Perkz, Schalke dominated the defending champions overall.

10 — Team Vitality

Score of the week: 0 - 2

Ranking: 10

The strategy this week was to play Sett in the toplane and try to give Cabochard as many resources as possible.

Against Fnatic, he faced a Singed pulled out of Bwipo's hat that completely nullified the lane. Against Misfits, he had to face Dan Dan, who simply dominated him with Aatrox.

We feel the desire to fight back but Vitality just don't seem to be up to the level at the moment.

Do you agree with our power rankings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

LEC Spring Split Playoffs: G2 Esports dominate to win their seventh LEC title

In a series clean sweep, G2 Esports stomped Fnatic to become the Spring Split League of Legends European champions!


LEC will rule them all !

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