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LoL, Ask Riot: Smurfing in Clash and ARAM ranked queue

LoL, Ask Riot: Smurfing in Clash and ARAM ranked queue

In their last "Ask Riot", developers came back on their fight against smurfing in Clash but also talked about the eventuality of a ranked queue for the ARAM mode...

LoL, Ask Riot: Smurfing in Clash and ARAM ranked queue

Aski Riot helps to answer the questions that League of Legends players have. Whether it also serves as teasing for champions — as it did for Sylas and Neeko — this exchange also helps players better understand the decisions that are made about the game.

Clash & Smurfing

Clash, the tournament mode that Riot Games first mentioned in 2018, came back at the end of February with its share of problems. However, players had the opportunity to test this game mode by encountering another difficulty, different from the various crashes and lags on the server: the smurfs. The principle of smurfing is as old as LoL: high-level players, deciding to create a new account and having fun in the lower ranks. They are the haunting of low-level games, and you can easily recognize them by looking at their player profile: farm too high compared to the habits of this tier, apocalyptic KDA, etc..

Unfortunately, Clash is also a victim of this. This is an opportunity for Riot Games to bring up the subject in the latest Ask Riot. If Riot Games is trying to fight smurfing, via SMS verification codes, or with their new launcher, it is not possible to eliminate them all. This is why, despite feedback from players who have found themselves playing against smurfs, Riot Games haven't yet found viable solutions. If they promise to ban accounts clearly identified as smurfs, or by cancelling the rewards obtained by the teams of these same players, this requires their attention. Indeed, who would want to be punished by being identified as a smurf, when he was just on a good day? (Yes, it can happen, it's not a legend).

A ranked queue for ARAM?

If this isn't the first time players have asked Riot Games for a ranked mode for ARAM, the answer remains the same: ARAM is based on randomness and fun. A ranked version would not really be of any interest; moreover, the queues for a ranked version might be far too long. While the mode is popular and was created at the request of players, it is not as popular as the Summoner Rift. In addition, there are already accounts created specifically for ARAM, with a very strong set of champions in this game mode; a ranked version would increase these excesses.

The Howling Abyss - League of Legends
The Howling Abyss

Will draw for Riot Points

Riot Games loves to showcase what the League of Legends community can do with its little hands. It is always possible to send drawings to Riot Games support, in order to win some missing RP. If you want to send a drawing, Riot Games advises you to choose the tab "Purchases with RP, shop related issues" in the support section of the site. This resulted in a tender and funny video, where Riot Games organized an event around the players' drawings in 2016.

zCS Senna and Tahm Kench, the ruthless Patch 10.5 duo

The duolane draws its strength from the reversal of its roles, supported as much by the resources provided by the Spectral Sickle as by Senna's scaling power.

Antagoniste Millenium

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