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LoL: LEC Week 7 Power Rankings: G2 Esports back on top

LEC Spring Split 2020 Power Rankings
LoL: LEC Week 7 Power Rankings: G2 Esports back on top

G2 Esports is back at the top of the LEC after a successful week 6 leaving Origen and Fnatic behind in a tie for second!

LoL: LEC Week 7 Power Rankings: G2 Esports back on top

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

With week 6 ending with G2 Esports claiming the first place of the League of Legends European Championships Fnatic and Origen are still both in the race for the top of the rankings.

1 — G2 Esports

Week: 2 - 0

LEC Rank: 1

This week, G2 Esports seems to have regained their supremacy over the other teams. Having defeated both teams tied with them in the same week, G2 Esports seems unstoppable. However, the level of Origen and Fnatic is still superior to the others and could bring G2 to a tie again in the future.

2 — Fnatic

Week: 1 - 1

LEC Rank: 2

If G2 Esports knew how to play Pyke in every position last year, it seems that Fnatic is trying to do the same with Zac this season. Loosing against G2 in a close game until the 28th minute Fnatic lost their first spot in the ranking.

Fnatic still has to face the 3 teams struggling for 5th and 6th place in the playoffs MAD Lions, Excel and Rogue. As well as Vitality who has nothing left to lose. The race for the top is therefore far from over.

3 — Origen

Week: 1 - 1

LEC Rank: 2

Even though they held on well against G2 Esports, Origen's players gave up too many objectives to the G2 Squad and were unable to do anything in the crucial fight near the dragon at the end of the game. Wounded but not dead, Origen was able to win convincingly against Misfits the next day. True to form, they played very passively before exploding in the middle of the game and closing the match quickly.

4 — Rogue

Week: 2 - 0

LEC Rank: 4

Rogue made a great move in the playoffs last week! Not only did they not lose any points with their two wins, but they also managed to win against the MAD Lions, who were previously tied with them. As a result, Rogue moves away from a competitor and leads 2-0 in the direct confrontation with MAD Lions. They are therefore guaranteed to be ahead in the event of a tie.

5 — Misfits Gaming

Week: 1 - 1

LEC Rank: 4

Misfits had a decent week but prove once again that they are shaky in this championship. Indeed, they won quite convincingly against Excel by taking advantage of their mistakes. Then, they had to face Origen and were unable to do anything. Misfits will, in any case, have to win against Vitality and Schalke 04 in order to avoid losing points and likewise against the MAD Lions to keep a competitor away.

6 — MAD Lions

Week: 1 - 1

LEC Rank: 6

This week, they defeated Schalke 04 and lost to Rogue, thus consolidating their place in the middle of the standings. The biggest danger is Excel, who is camped right behind them with one win less.

With SK Gaming, Fnatic, Misfits and Origen as opponents, the MAD Lions' goal is simple to reach the playoffs: to win at least as much as Excel.

7 — Excel Esports

Week: 1 - 1

LEC Rank: 7

Excel Esports has still not given up their 1-1 subscription and therefore continues for a seventh week with the same score. They win without surprise against Vitality and lose against Misfits.

They must therefore absolutely defeat SK Gaming, possibly one of the three leaders, and hope that the MAD Lions lose at least one game more than them.

8 — Schalke 04

Week: 1 - 1

LEC Rank: 8

Despite this victory, Schalke 04 are officially eliminated from the playoffs and will only be a trap for the 7 teams still in the running. The team has already had a lot of fun on social networks, comparing itself to a "blue shell" in the famous Mario Kart series...

9 — SK Gaming

Week: 0 - 2

LEC Rank: 9

Just like Schalke 04, SK Gaming is eliminated from the playoffs and will just have to struggle not to finish last in the standings. All they have to do is win at least as much as Vitality.

10 — Team Vitality

Week: 0 - 2

LEC Rank: 10

Vitality did not manage to beat the predictions that they were going to lose. The team is clearly not ready and will have to adjust many parameters for the Summer Split.

Also eliminated from the playoffs, Vitality still has a chance not to be last if they win more than SK Gaming.

LEC Spring Split Playoffs: G2 Esports dominate to win their seventh LEC title

In a series clean sweep, G2 Esports stomped Fnatic to become the Spring Split League of Legends European champions!


LEC will rule them all !

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