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League of Legends: Third Pentakill album announced

League of Legends: Third Pentakill album announced

Metal and League of Legends fans will be served! Three years after the release of the second album Grasp of the Undying, the group Pentakill just announced that they are working on a new album.

League of Legends: Third Pentakill album announced

This is an announcement that does not go unnoticed among fans of metal and League of Legends. The Pentakill group, Vie a tweet deleted since, from Tre Watson, Pentakill announced that they are working with Riot Games on the release of a third opus after Grasp of Undying in 2017 and Smite and Ingnite in 2014 (available on most streaming platforms).

The tweet has been deleted since - League of Legends
The tweet has been deleted since

What can we expect for this next album? Tre Watson had specified in his tweet that the album would be in the current of "Djent", a musical style derived from progressive metal and heavy metal. Not long ago, the artistic director of Riot Games, Christian Linke, explained that this next opus should contain ten songs for our greatest happiness and that of the fans.

The publisher has always wanted to diversify the musical genres related to League of Legends. We obviously remember the single Warriors, from Imagine Dragons, which had a hit in 2015 and is in a slightly more pop/rock style. We will also remember the studio's foray into the world of k-pop with the group K/DA and more recently in that of Hip-hop/Rap with the boosted group of the 2019 World Championships, True Damage.

This future collaboration with Pentakill allows Riot Games to reconnect with the style of their debut for the most pleasure of players and fans of metal.

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