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LoL: League Player breaks record after dying 700 times

LoL: League Player breaks record after dying 700 times

The number sounds astonishing — and it certainly is. However, 15ACCBUTSILVERXD actually did die 700 times in a game of League...

LoL: League Player breaks record after dying 700 times

Perhaps Guinness World Records are about to send a letter to 15ACCBUTSILVERXD, as the League of Legends player broke an unwanted record — one as impressive as it is useless.

Screenshot courtesy of - League of Legends
Screenshot courtesy of

The achievement of dying 700 times in a 151-minute-long game is incredible. If you're trying to math this out, it means that on average 15ACCBUTSILVERXD's Nunu died at the unbelievable rate of 4.6 deaths per minute — that's roughly one death every 13 seconds.

Looking closely at the results of the game, it seems pretty hard to believe that this record isn't actually the result of a collective action. The fact that a game can last two and a half hours is already surprising, but the main clue is Ahri's final K/DA. Moreover, the fact that Nunu's team won is telling...

The previous record was held by Wukony, who had died 686 times at the time.

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