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Valorant: A Glitch allows Viper to send agents flying on Haven

Valorant: A Glitch allows Viper to send agents flying on Haven

A fan discovered a new glitch on Valorant. The bug allows Agent Viper to fly Jett and Sage on Haven using her Toxic Screen ability.

Valorant: A Glitch allows Viper to send agents flying on Haven

You might already have witnessed this surprising situation in Valorant, the FPS from Riot Games. A player has discovered a new glitch on Haven allowing Viper to literally send Jett or Sage flying.

The combination of Toxic Screen of Viper and Jett's or Sage's movement abilities, allows the agent to propel her teammates at the other end of the map.

This allows players to access areas such as the roof of point C. In addition of how easy it is to use, this glitch gives a clear advantage to attackers. However, another player managed to find a way to get rid of this abuse using Cypher and his wire.

How to counter this glitch

In another video posted on Reddit by Jadziarai, a player uses a wire across the path of the opponent, which stuns him and allows his elimination.

However, this counter is only effective when you can predict the site that attackers will choose. It's a safe bet to say that this glitch will be patched in next patch.

Original content by "AttilaLeHun".

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