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New Honor chromas for Warwick and Twitch in League of Legends

New Honor chromas for Warwick and Twitch in League of Legends

It's a custom now: at the end of each season, new chromas rewarding the most honorable players are added for Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick — and this year, they will be pink.

New Honor chromas for Warwick and Twitch in League of Legends

Riot Games have certainly a good sense of humor, as they decided to reward the most honorable League of Legends players, with pink chromas.

At the end of this 2020 season, players who have reached Honor level 5 will receive these brand new chromas for Medieval Twitch and Gray Warwick!

League of Legends
League of Legends

Unfortunately for the studio, the community's response to these new chromas is rather, if not downright negative. The majority of players simply judging them ugly.

Reaching level 5 of honor is not easy because you cannot really control your own progression. The only thing you can do is play, and hope that your allies will be kind enough to Honor you. Moreover, each level is obviously harder to reach, making the task quite painful to achieve.

When you reach Gold, you get a new exclusive skin as a reward, provided that you are honor level 2 and have not suffered a heavy penalty. Meanwhile, chasing Honor level 5 doesn't seem to be really worth the effort...

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