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Tyler1 reaches LoL Challenger rank playing only Jungle

Tyler1 reaches LoL Challenger rank playing only Jungle

The most famous reformed American streamer finally accomplished the challenge he set himself a few months ago.

Tyler1 reaches LoL Challenger rank playing only Jungle

Since the beginning of Season 10, "Tyler1" decided that the ADC role wasn't suiting him anymore and he embraced the Jungle role. What started as the half of a joke became a real challenge over the weeks, as the 25-year old streamer actually tried to prove that Jungling is by far the "easiest role" in League of Legends. (Source)

After weeks of tryharding, 947 wins, 864 losses, and a 52% winrate, Tyler1 hit Challenger yesterday.

Over these almost 2000 games, Tyler1 mainly played Olaf, with whom he achieved a 47% win rate over more than 400 games.

It remains to be seen if he will continue his journey into the Jungle or if he'll switch back to his previous role...

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