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LoL: Qiyana, new season 9 champion, lore, skins, role

LoL: Qiyana, new season 9 champion, lore, skins, role

Yuumi has just been released, and the 145th champion has already been unveiled. Discover Qiyana, Empress of the Elements.

We didn't expect to see a new champion that early, but it's here. After the Yuumi release 3 weeks ago, Riot Games has just unveiled its new League of Legends champion: Qiyana, Empress of the Elements.

League of Legends

For now, no more information than the teaser has been really given. We learn that Qiyana comes from Ixtal, a still unknown region of Runeterra. It confirms the announcement of Riot Games promising a new region in the deep jungle. As for the location of the Ixtal people, it's not yet certain. East of Shurima? Between Demacia and Noxus? The lore which will come along Qiyana should reveal the location of the still-unknown faction.

If the Riot Games roadmap follow its course, Qiyana is likely to be an AD assassin which will be played on midlane or toplane. Her skillshots may be focused on those 3 elements: water, fire and ground, and she would be available around the end of June.

Written by Charlotte "Cthulhu" Rognant. Translated from French by

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