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LEC 2020 Summer Week 3 Power Ranking: MAD Lions dominates, Rogue thrives

LEC 2020 Summer Week 3 Power Ranking: MAD Lions dominates, Rogue thrives

Another surprising week in LEC is coming to an end and we're starting to identify new leaders! Are Fnatic and G2 already out of date?

LEC 2020 Summer Week 3 Power Ranking: MAD Lions dominates, Rogue thrives

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Fort the first time for a while, neither G2 Esports nor Fnatic are leading the League of Legends European Championship. Considering the fact that they won altogether 14 of the last titles, this 2020 Summer Split feels weird for most League of Legends fans.

This, added to the fact that Luka "Perkz" Perković will be replaced by Kristoffer "P1noy" Albao Lund Pedersen, will make Week 4 quite different to watch. Whereas it's Fnatic or G2, both teams seem to be weaker than they were during the Spring Split. Some might even say that the last Playoffs actually revealed some flaws and weaknesses of these two rosters and that other teams took the advantage out of it.

The current standings are telling: MAD Lions won six matches in a row and are now leading, quickly followed by Rogue. Last split, Gabriël "Bwipo" Rau explained in a post-match interview that the Lion cubs were trying to replicate the style of FunPlus Phoenix — and everything seems to suggest that they managed to find their own in the process.

On the third step of the podium, neck and neck with G2, Misfits Gaming, Origen and SK Gaming performed pretty well over the past three weeks. This Summer Split might very well be an opportunity for all these teams to shine and to finally emerge from G2 and Fnatic's shadows.

Fnatic and Team Vitality are only one victory behind the chasing pack, and Week 4 will surely offer them an opportunity to secure a better placement in the LEC Standings — especially since both teams should theoretically have a free win this week.

Indeed, Fnatic will meet FC Schalke 04 while Vitality will encounter Excel Esports — and both of those teams aren't in good shape. The German team lost seven matches in a row, and their hope to qualify for Worlds as the fourth European seed vanished in the process. Considering the fact they grabbed two wins, Excel Esports aren't actually that far from the chasing pack — but they'll surely need quite a miracle to book their ticket for Shanghai.

1 — MAD Lions

Previous Ranking: 1st (=)

Week 3 Record: 2-0

MAD Lions are roaring over the LEC, displaying an incredible level. Game after game, win after win, the Lion cubs are cementing their first place in the standings.This week, they'll have to face Schalke 04 and Misfits — and we can safely assume they'll add two more wins to their record.

Will the Lion cubs grab the first seed to represent the EU at Worlds? The question remains yet unanswered. Until someone manages to put an end to their incredible winning streak, they'll remain top of the pile.

2 — Rogue

Previous Ranking: 3rd (+1)

Week 3 Record: 1-1

We were awaiting Rogue to demonstrate their playstyle against one of the top LEC teams that are usually leading — and they did, by defeating Fnatic. However, given the current state of the fallen champions, we're not entirely sure it's enough.

Rogue are without a doubt thriving, with really good performances justifying their current record.

3 — Origen

Previous Ranking: 4th (+1)

Week 3 Record: 1-1

Origen remain true to their usual playstyle: a slow start to the game before the twentieth-minute explosion. Against Schalke 04, this strategy proved to be particularly effective and Guilhoto's men won easily.

Against MAD Lions, it was a different story. Neither of the two teams really managed to take control until the Spanish team won a decisive teamfight — and the game a few minutes later.

Origen still has things to work on, and they're definitely benefiting from the weakness from the usual leaders, but they're strong contenders for Playoffs, and also for Worlds.

4 — G2 Esports

Previous Ranking: 2nd (-2)

Week 3 Record: 1-1

G2 Esports redeemed themselves — but just a bit. Usually, a victory over Fnatic would have been telling, but given the current situation of their biggest rivals, G2 have nothing to be really proud of.

This statement is all the more true in the light of their loss to Rogue. Just like Fnatic, the Samourais are beyond recognition — and the fact that Perkz will be replaced by P1noy this week is certainly not encouraging. Nothing is lost for the returning champions, especially since their Week 4 matches should be fairly easy to win.

5 — SK Gaming

Previous Ranking: 6th (+1)

Week 3 Record: 1-1

SK Gaming continues to surprise us pleasantly, proving that Janik "Jenax" Bartels role-swapping and the arrival of Dirk "ZaZee" Mallner were obviously worth it.

Given the current state of the team, winning over G2 Esports is no real achievement — but a win is a win, and defeating the returning champions certainly boosted the confidence of SK.

However, their heavily contested match against Vitality was certainly a better way to get a real perspective of the current level of the team. Although they showed really good stuff, SK still has a long way to go until Playoffs — but it wouldn't be crazy to imagine them qualifying and even snatching a ticket for Worlds.

6 — Misfits Gaming

Previous Ranking: 5th (-1)

Week 3 Record: 2-0

Although they won both of their matches this week, Misfits were quite disappointing during Week 3. The Rabbits were 'only' facing low-table teams they were supposed to dominate, and the matches were actually very close.

That said we can see clear improvements in their teamfight management. If Misfits continue on this path, they could really well snatch a spot in Playoffs once again.

7 — Team Vitality

Previous Ranking: 8th (+1)

Week 3 Record: 1-1

Team Vitality only achieved mixed-results during Week 3, but they're maintaining their spot in the middle of the standings, which is a clear improvement compared to the previous split.

Whereas it was against Misfits or SK, Vitality had to play two heavily contested matches this week, which both ended on one decisive teamfight. The Bees have what it takes to join the chasing pack, but they'll need more win to do so.

8 — Fnatic

Previous Ranking: 5th (-3)

Week 3 Record: 0-2

Fnatic is beyond recognition. The seven-times LEC champions seem completely lost as soon as they enter the Rift, trying unsuccessfully dicey compositions, and doing mistakes after mistakes.

Destroyed by Rogue, dominated by G2 Esports, Fnatic felt completely passive last week — hence their current placement in our rankings.

9 — Excel Esports

Previous Ranking: 9th (=)

Week 3 Record: 1-1

We're still strongly doubting about Excel Esports.

Admittedly, they won their match against Schalke04, but, given the current state of the German club, it's no achievement. Moreover, Excel got obliterated Misfits with the exact same composition they played against Schalke.

The team still has a long way to go to get back on track. Although their situation isn't impossible to fix given their current record, the gap between them and the leading pack is seriously starting to widen.

10 — FC Schalke 04 Esports

Previous Ranking: 10th (=)

Week 3 Record: 0-2

With seven losses to their record, Schalke04 will need a true miracle to get back in the competition. Their placement in our rankings isn't even questionable. Until they grab more wins, they'll remain bottom of the pile.

G2 Esports win LEC Spring Split Playoffs, are champions yet again

G2 Esports continued their dominance of European League of Legends, dominating Fnatic in a 3-0 series win. With four titles in a row, and eighth overall, they seize the mantle of most successful team in LEC history.

Original content from Millenium FR by "Fabvison".

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