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LEC 2020 Summer Split Week 4 Power Rankings: Fnatic keep falling

LEC 2020 Summer Split Week 4 Power Rankings: Fnatic keep falling

The LEC Summer Split 2020 has definitely not finished surprising us, and not always in a good way...

LEC 2020 Summer Split Week 4 Power Rankings: Fnatic keep falling

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

We're now almost halfway through the 2020 Summer Split, and players are returning after a well-deserved one week break. MAD Lions and Rogue are still leading neck and neck, with G2 Esports and Misfits Gaming right on their heels.

Last week was a total disaster for Fnatic, and they lost their position in the chasing pack — but we're expecting them to come back stronger as they usually do. Actually, they're now competing for fourth place with five other teams: Excel Esports, Origen, SK Gaming, and Team Vitality. All of these rosters are currently sitting on 4-5 record — which is already much more reassuring than Schalke 04, who only managed to grasp one victory over the past four weeks.

1 — Rogue

Previous Ranking: 2nd (+1)

Week 4 Record: 2-0

With a 7-2 record, Rogue are neck and neck with MAD Lions but their recent results were much more convincing.

It remains to be seen if they can keep this pace until Playoffs — but if they do so, they'll certainly be big contenders for the title.

2 — MAD Lions

Previous Ranking: 1st (-1)

Week 4 Record: 1-1

MAD Lions seemed a little bit less dominant during Week4, and they'll certainly have some things to work on before Playoffs.

The Lion cubs actually struggled against Schalke 04 and only won because of a decisive team fight that helped them close the game.

Perhaps this was a precursory sign, as MAD Lions were then completely obliterated by Misfits. Is it the beginning of a bad trend or a simple mishap?

3 — Excel Esports

Previous Ranking: 9th (+6)

Week 4 Record: 2-0

We were strongly doubting about Excel Esports, but they proved us wrong with two victories grabbed during Week 4.

Against Vitality, Caedrel stomped over the game with his Volibear worthy of the greatest. A champion who has been doing quite well in the Excel jungle since his rework. Even if Vitality resisted well, the victory of the British club was inevitable.

Youngbuck's men then won in style against G2 Esports. Patrick took advantage of Perkz's absence to atomize the botlane and teamfights with 200 years of experience in rifles.

Overall, Excel won two great games last week — hence their current placement in our rankings.

4 — G2 Esports

Previous Ranking: 4th (=)

Week 4 Record: 1-1

Some might say that G2 Esports cheesed their way out last week, notably thanks to Rasmus "Caps" Borregaard Winther's AP Kog'Maw.

However, G2 was playing without Perks and, even though P1noy played perfectly well, they weren't the same without their captain. In any case, the samurais seem far from playing at their best level.

The road is still long until Playoffs but one thing is sure: G2 will have to step up if they want to seize the title once again.

5 — Misfits Gaming

Previous Ranking: 6th (+1)

Week 4 Record: 1-1

Had it not been for G2 Esports' AP Kog'Maw, Misfits would probably have won against the Spanish team — but things went differently and the Samurais crushed the Rabbits in a fairly contested game.

Plus, Misfits won a completely one-sided game against MAD Lions, proving they have everything needed to join the leader of the LEC.

were quite disappointing during Week 3. The Rabbits were 'only' facing low-table teams they were supposed to dominate, and the matches were actually very close.

That said we can see clear improvements in their teamfight management. If Misfits continue on this path, they could really well snatch a spot in Playoffs once again.

6 — Team Vitality

Previous Ranking: 6th (+1)

Week 4 Record: 1-1

Team Vitality keep achieving mixed results but their results are still far better than the previous split. Although they were largely dominated by Excel Esports, Vitality was still present in the game and tried several times to get back on track.

Against Origen, things were a bit different as Vitality managed to out-control a team that's well-known for being true masters of Rift macro-management.

After several difficult season, the French organization seems to be finally ready to perform in the LEC...

7 — Origen

Previous Ranking: 3rd (-4)

Week 4 Record: 0-2

Origen failed to really perform this week. Against Rogue, we witnesses without that much surprise a slow match between two teams who like to calmly control the game.

Rogue has always appeared to be a less effective version of Origen in terms of strategy, but it seems that the pupil has overtaken the master now. Origen have never been able to dominate the game and their defeat was more than logical.

And the same analysis can be applied to their match against Vitality.

Origen was caught off guard on two occasions, a rather worrying situation when you know that the team is pretty well-known for struggling when it comes to changing its tactics.

8 — SK Gaming

Previous Ranking: 5th (-3)

Week 4 Record: 0-2

After a quite impressive beginning to the Summer Split, SK Gaming seem to be returning to their normal state, aka a mid-table team that's often dominated by the leaders.

This has been proven this week by their match against Rogue, where they got dominated during the entire game. Their mid-term result are finally mixed, although much more positive than in the previous split.

A little more work will still be necessary to reach the level required for playoffs.

9 — Fnatic

Previous Ranking: 8th (-1)

Week 4 Record: 1-1

Fnatic keep falling and falling, to the point they loss against Schalke 04 last week. After their victory against SK Gaming, most believed that the roster was back on track — even though their gameplay was far from being the cleanest way to play League.

By giving away a victory to the team that no other team failed to beat, Fnatic just confirmed that they can't really pretend to the top of the standings anymore. Are the former King of Europe dead and burried?

10 — FC Schalke 04 Esports

Previous Ranking: 10th (=)

Week 4 Record: 1-1

Schalke04 managed to win their first games after four weeks of competition but let's face it: they clearly benefited from Fnatic's current weakness.

Overall, this single win isn't enough for them to climb back in the standings. Until they grab more, they'll remain bottom of the pile.

What do you think of these power rankings? Do you feel we misplaced a team? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section below!

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Original content from Millenium FR by "Fabvison".

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