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LoL LEC 2020 Summer Week 6 Power Rankings: MAD Lions and Rogue slow down

LoL LEC 2020 Summer Week 6 Power Rankings: MAD Lions and Rogue slow down

While Fnatic returned to its old playstyle, MAD Lions and Rogue performances dropped off. The race for the first two places and Playoffs is far from over...

LoL LEC 2020 Summer Week 6 Power Rankings: MAD Lions and Rogue slow down

Another funny week in LEC, so bizarre that Schalke 04 took the opportunity to win 2 games, which help them keep some semblance of hope of qualifying for Playoffs. G2 Esports and Fnatic are still not at the top and even MAD Lions and Rogue, the top two in the standings, conceded a match ...

Week 6 was pretty chaotic, and the following power rankings try to restitute such madness.

1 — Rogue

Previous Ranking: 1st (=)

Week 6 Record: 1-1

Rogue once again showed great patience and composure in the victory over Misfits. A long and calculated match, like many of their previous wins.

Against G2 Esports, everything went well for the majority of the match. Rogue had almost won the game when Caps and Mikyx managed to steal the baron with a magnificent combo that turned the game around. Rogue paid for their usual slow playstyle and lost a match they should have won.

They are still very well placed and on track for a top 2 spot at the end of the regular season.

1 — MAD Lions

Previous Ranking: 1st (=)

Week 6 Record: 1-1

MAD Lions had a pretty tough weekend. They conceded the beginning of the game against Fnatic before coming back by capitalizing on some errors of judgment of the opponent. Once again, it was their incredible teamfighting talent that gave them the victory.

The next day, after dominating SK Gaming for the first 15 minutes, they completely lost control and suffered an heavy defeat.

A missed opportunity to qualify for the playoffs early and take the lead over Rogue. However, they shouldn't have too many problems finishing the season at the top of the standings given their lead.

3 — SK Gaming

Previous Ranking: 4th (+1)

Week 6 Record: 1-1

Before Excel took the Dragon, SK Gaming dominated the match and the final result is undoubtedly disappointing. Still, the German team did a very good split, especially when compared to the one in spring.

The next day, Jenax and his teammates even had the luxury of defeating the MAD Lions in a totally convincing manner. After a difficult start to the game, they dominated the top of the standings and remain in the race for Playoffs.

Let's note ZaZee's excellent performance on Oriana against MAD Lions and especially against Humanoid who still achieved one of the best splits of his young career.

4 — Fnatic

Previous Ranking: 5th (+1)

Week 6 Record: 1-1

Fnatic has (finally) decided to return to its old play style. Since the beginning of the split, they tried to play lategame compositions, more passive at the beginning of the game. After 5 weeks of moderately successful attempts, the squad is back to its comfort champions and the result is rather conclusive.

Still, they lost against MAD Lions following some errors of judgment on neutral objectives. It's proof that the players are still not in top form, but they dominated the beginning of the game against the first in the standings — while losing almost all their earlygames since the beginning of the split.

They then won decisively against Origen, a very important match in their race for the playoffs. We had the pleasure to see Hylissang's Pyke again and that's priceless!

5 — Excel Esports

Previous Ranking: 6th (+1)

Week 6 Record: 2-0

Excel Esports continues its roller coaster season. The team is surfing on the limit between the top and the bottom of the ranking and takes the risk to end once again just outside the playoffs if they don't win the decisive games.

This is a positive week for the English club, who won both their games against Vitality and SK Gaming. The common point of these two victories is that Excel was behind overall for most of the game. It's positive to see that they were able to take advantage of their chances at the end of the game to win, but it might not go through against bigger teams.

6 — G2 Esports

Previous Ranking: 7th (+1)

Week 6 Record: 1-1

G2 Esports isn't yet at the top of their game, even if they put an end to their series of 4 defeats against one of the leaders in the ranking: Rogue.

But what history won't remember is that Rogue almost won the game. They were crushing G2 from the start of the game. However, Mykix and Caps showed a lot of creativity to steal Baron Nashor with a magnificent Bard/Syndra combo. An action to be reviewed over and over again when you lose faith between two ranked games!

The day before, they were heavily defeated by Schalke 04.

7 — Origen

Previous Ranking: 3th (-4)

Week 6 Record: 0-2

Origen seems to particularly appreciate the irregularity of this split. Regularity was, however, the strong point of the team which seems completely lost, with or without their Australian player, Nautilus.

This week, they have been dismantled by Vitality and dominated by Fnatic. As the race for the playoffs gets closer, betting on Origen is becoming more and more risky.

8 — FC Schalke 04 Esports

Previous Ranking: 10th (+2)

Week 6 Record: 2-0

It was definitly Schalke04 week and that's rare enough to have to mention it! The two well-deserved victories of the German club give hope to the team. Maybe they still have a slim chance of making the playoffs but it's not really up to them now. The most important thing is to end the season well and think about the future.

Among their victims this week are G2 Esports and Misfits. Both were dominated from start to finish by GodGilius and his teammates.

9 — Misfits Gaming

Previous Ranking: 8th (-1)

Week 6 Record: 0-2

Dominated by Schalke 04 and controlled by Rogue, it seems that Misfits are no longer able to win a game.

There was hope against Rogue, as they were tied for a long time, but Rogue isn't really the kind of team that crushes its opponents while Misfits likes to take the lead at the beginning of the game (only to lose it in the end).

Kobbe's return isn't really a success and seems to add to the long list of unsuccessful returns of European players. Another example of this type of player — who isn't as good as he was before playing in NA — is Febiven.

9 — Team Vitality

Previous Ranking: 9th (-8)

Week 6 Record: 1-1

Another week of mixed emotions for Team Vitality. They imposed themselves almost too easily against Origen and Labrov proved once again his skill with Bard. Skeanz was also very convincing with Graves but it's obviously from the botlane that the French club dominates, once again.

They lost to SK Gaming after being ahead almost from the start. A defeat that tarnished a week that had started rather well.

However, this Summer Split remains very positive for Vitality who still has good chances to qualify for Playoffs.

What do you think of these power rankings? Do you feel we misplaced a team? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section below!

Original content by "Fabvison".

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