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League of Legends: Gameplay Thoughts and Preseason Schedule

League of Legends: Gameplay Thoughts and Preseason Schedule

After a week on PBE, Riot Scruffy reveals more about League of Legends preseason.

League of Legends: Gameplay Thoughts and Preseason Schedule

It's been a week since the preseason tests started on League of Legends' PBE. While last year's focused on the map and objectives, this time the items are under the spotlights.

Be it the addition of the Mythical items or the changes made to the already existing Legendary and Jungle items this new preseason is packed with things to learn and test.

Shaking things up to this extent needs some work and Riot Scuffy announced in the latest Quick Gameplay Thoughts that the PBE schedule is going to be more complex than usual in order to test regular patches (10.21 & 10.22) as well.

The program should go as follow:

  • Week 1 - Preseason
  • Week 2 - Patch 10.21
  • Week 3 - Preseason
  • Week 4 - Patch 10.22
  • Weeks 5 and 6 - Preseason

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