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League of Legends' new champion Seraphine has an absurd attack range

League of Legends' new champion Seraphine has an absurd attack range

Seraphine may not have started her League of Legends journey on the right foot, but the truth is that she does have some interesting mechanics to offer — including a totally disproportionate range when making use of her passive ability.

League of Legends' new champion Seraphine has an absurd attack range

Seraphine is one of the most controversial League of Legends champions in a long time. The community has accused Riot Games of copying itself by making a "Sona 2.0", the marketing-style use of its social media to tease the champion has not been received well by some, and neither has the lore.

This has made everyone pay more attention to the surface value of the champion, and very little to what she can actually do.. Her two passive abilities have gone under the radar, and with her arrival on the PBE, we can already ascertain all the options that Seraphine offers on the Rift.

One feature of her kit in particular is impressive...

Echo allows Seraphine to doublecast a spell every third cast. Riot has already said that they wanted this new champion to demonstrate that it's better to play in close proximity to allies, and the main reason beyond her ability to heal and shield with W or amplify the range of R when hovering over a partner is that Seraphine can put musical 'notes' on her allies.

These notes are a kind of stack that is consumed when Seraphine applies a basic attack nearby, and that grant both extra damage and additional range. One of the most well-known League theorycrafters, Vandiril, uploaded a video which shows just how important is this extra range can be if the close proximity of allies and accumulation of notes is maximized.

As you can see in the video, Seraphine can attack the Dragon or Baron Nashor from outside the pit, or even hit turrets from outside her range of vision.

This may not be easy to reproduce in competitive play, but the truth is that in certain siege builds, Seraphine's ability to hit from so far away can be highly effective.

Original content by José Ángel "Razablan" Mateo.

Discover League of Legends' latest champion Seraphine and her kit

With a social media campaign lasting months, Seraphine finally hits the Rift — and now we know just how she will play thanks to her kit reveal.


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