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League of Legends account listed for $15,000 on eBay

League of Legends account listed for $15,000 on eBay

While against the terms of service, buying a League of Legends account isn't a rare thing. However, this account might just be the most expensive ever listed - it's going for the modest starting sum of $15,000. The reason? It has all of the rarest skins in the game.

League of Legends account listed for $15,000 on eBay

Although strictly prohibited by Riot Games, buying and reselling League of Legends accounts is common, especially on eBay.

From a few dollars to several hundred, the listings are numerous: from boosted accounts to accounts with extremely rare skins, you'll find all kinds of offers.

The sellers of these are often players, who, knowing that they will probably no longer touch the game, prefer to resell their account and recover some of the money invested, especially if they have poured a lot into the purchase of cosmetics.

This particular seller has put his account up for sale for the modest sum of $15,000.

The reason? The account has all but five of the skins in the game: 

  • Victorious Janna
  • Victorious Elise
  • Victorious Morgana
  • Victorious Sivir
  • Championship Riven (2012 Version)
The seller is asking for a tidy sum indeed. - League of Legends
The seller is asking for a tidy sum indeed.

Even though these five missing skins are exceedingly rare — they cannot be obtained anymore — there are other, even rarer skins which if you don't have them already, you will NEVER be able to unlock.

Examples of rare skins include:

  • Black Alistar: Much like Young/Human Ryze, Riot Games offered this skin to those who pre-ordered the collector's edition of the game.
  • King Rammus: This skin was offered to all players who participated in the game's closed beta.
  • PAX skins: Jax, Twisted Fate and Sivir all received these themed skins, which were only distributed to Summoners attending PAX events in the US (in 2010 and 2011).
    As for Neo Sivir Pax, it's not exactly the same skin — for a short time, all Summoners could obtain this skin through Hextech Crafting or from attending PAX West 2017.
  • Other Victorious skins that you could only get if you finished Gold or higher in a Ranked queue before the season ended. These include Jarvan IV, Maokai, Graves, Orianna, and Aatrox.


In all, the listing includes 958 skins, along with other cosmetics such as chromas, ward skins, Summoner icons, and emotes.

Knowing that you'd need a little over $5,000 to buy all the skins currently available for sale, the auction host has deemed the account to be worth a minimum of $10,000.

While this account is sure to make eyes light up amongst fans, buying an account remains against the terms of service and is a huge risk.

The buyer of this account, should there be any, could even see the account banned permanently. 

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